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  1. hahah.. i think so. but, they're really beautiful here japan fans are lucky..
  2. rite... that was loud... :') and i'm so happy that i was shouting the fan chants too in my room... LOL T-ARA GO!!
  3. everytime i see jungie's photo, "how could a woman be so pretty and handsome at the same time" keeps repeating in my head... O.O so good looking.. hmm.. i'm not sure but i think this photo was taken on that time when the girls were in shooting for "Do You Know Me'' MV, or around then. ikr, and she always uses english to update her insta. showing that she cares for her international fans and yes, we're still waiting jiyeon to join instagram.
  4. finally... yeaayyy... thanks for your hardwork making this game *happy*
  5. yes, i'm wondering too, why jiyeon always dead or sick in MVs, but her acting is always really good to see
  6. i like how she uses english to update her instagram. she is very thoughtful to her international fans
  7. wow eunjung! how could she be so cool and hot at the same time, be pretty and handsome at the same time too? omo. and that hair.. she finally made me doing the same thing to my hair..
  8. great song, great dance, great outfit, great concept, great expressions. i can say it was a great performance. jiyeon, as always, those eyes and that expression.. *stunned*
  9. omo.. daebak.. great performance of them they're so cool. jungie so hot and cool at the same time thanks for sharing the link
  10. aaaaaa handsome jungieee. she is really the one who can be pretty and handsome at the same time..
  11. eunjung and jiyeon... O.O but still, the most daebak part for me is the kungfu part hahahah these dorky girls made my day
  12. i'm really happy seeing them perform like this. i can see their happy expression is not just for the show, seems they were really enjoying that moment they performed in that stage. so happy for them
  13. ohmyjung.. you're so manly in the 2nd pic... O.O btw what were they doing there? performing or..?
  14. oh my.. i think i finally gonna use instagram now since she is using it too... *too happy*
  15. jungie looks so cool i love jiyeon's coat here
  16. they look great here. jiyeon is beautiful as always eunjung with blonde hair, qri with brighter hair color, and boram with short hair. making me to be more curious while waiting their new song and MV..
  17. banisuta with jungie's blonde hair XDD i'm sorry but i still can't calm down when seeing eunjung's new hair because i like it so much.
  18. eunjung's hair.... i can't wait for the song and the MV! thanks for sharing the pic and the news btw
  19. You guys are so creative! This is really interesting. Keep it up, fighting, Diadem!
  20. adorablee.. XD that jiyeon-hyomin's baloon one. hehe jiyeon is so funny thanks for the gifs
  21. omygod.. blonde eunjung O.O i think those shootings are for CF. well, can't wait to see them then.
  22. it's in Japanese, so i only understand about half of it. waiting for the eng subbed version btw the part that Jiyeon plays with her "tail" baloon is hillarious. she was even captured still busy with that baloon when hyomin is being interviewed by the cameraman XD and the part when hyomin twisted the baloons.. haha so cute those two dorkies
  23. what an emotional expression she has in that photo.. as expected from Park Jiyeon. she is beautiful. can't wait for the comeback!
  24. wah.. watching this making me miss the invicible youth days.. huhu CEO! thanks for sharing btw
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