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  1. jiyeon so cute boram being hugged like a child by her mother (jiyeon)
  2. jiyeon was really concentrated on the foods that she almost didn't say a word. we can see our baby dino was so happy eating here. really cute thanks for sharing the link btw
  3. wow she looks gorgeous. so elegant with that dress. great to know her MCing such a big event
  4. eunjung looks so cute there when she looked so happy at the signing event and i love kbs. it's in english, no need to wait for translated ver. yay! thanks for sharing the video
  5. ohmygod jiyeon looks so beautiful in her solo ones. all of them look amazing thank you for sharing these pictures
  6. whoah.. finally the 'making of' video is out. makes me more curious of this movie!
  7. wow they look beautiful. hyomin looks so good with those pants. thanks for sharing the pic
  8. t-ara with 6 members performing Lies in 2013 on a special stage. daebak!
  9. yes they look so tired. t-ara fighting! thanks for sharing the pics btw.
  10. omo they're so cute. cute dorky sisters beautiful!
  11. agree. eunjung and jiyeon look so classy here. hyomin's coat is also beautiful. ah.. T-ara, they're all beautiful.
  12. lookin forward to this movie.. XD can't wait
  13. they all look so beautiful. the 2nd photo of eunjung eating is cute
  14. t-ara's teletubbies song! finally they sing it again it's been a while since t-aradotcom
  15. hyomin's beautiful eye make up i like it!
  16. can't wait for their next comeback! btw, is that a tattoo or an accessory on Hyomin's thigh?
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