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  1. The performance was really good, I thought they did a great job considering it looked really cold.
  2. Yeah I just saw the performance and I gotta say I was a little disappointed. Hopefully they'll do better the next time because this is my favorite song from their album.
  3. Holy crap they look hot in those pictures. I hope they have a sexy concept for the next song they release.
  4. I think it's amazing that they would do such a noble gesture. I am surprised that they even have that much money to donate since I thought kpop groups don't make that much money.
  5. I'm a male in my 20s and I like both dances. I think the bpbp dance is cute while the butt dance is sexy.
  6. Whenever I see them in an HD video or HD pic, I am always in awe at how pretty they are.
  7. That's a weird reason to have someone edited out. I thought he was joking around at first.
  8. I'm a new fan but I can't wait for this episode because they're my 2 favorite members. Hopefully they get a lot of camera time since the show has so many guests on at once.
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