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  1. Finally back from hiatus \o/ what did i miss?

  2. can i be your unicorn?

  3. I still wanna watch a movie, but no one to watch it with me ):

  4. I'm hungry for cupcakes.

  5. monday, oh monday, why so soon.

  6. only 4 episodes left of the second season of digimon!

  7. nuuuh where is my 44th episode of digimon season 2 on youtube, i can't find it?? 3:

  8. not in the best of the mood 3:

  9. 92,5% in 800 words essay for my french class. I'm so happy!

  10. I am really excited about the song! I just listened to the demo and wow, I already like it a lot, so I guess the rest of the song is going to be just as awesome!
  11. do WE do WE la LA la LA~~

  12. I've had a nightmare last night ; u ;

  13. Only one exam left and I'll have a free week~!

  14. Qri is really amazing, I'm really lucky to have her as my bias!

  15. I am the most happiest person in the world, Qri picked me up during the meet & greet and read my message to T-ara!

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