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  1. woahh you're so fast :P I love the fanchant so much.. i bet hyomin will love her fanchant too each day i think hyomin more relax with her performance <3
  2. the dance moves really great.. i hope 'they' not banned it like jiyeon's.. GREAT job!!!
  3. I love the MV I love the song I love the style I love the dance I LOVE EVERYTHING IN THIS SOLO <3
  4. GOSH!! I'm just fall in love with hyomin more.. just see her on simple outfit make me scream <3 *fangirling*
  5. they are so cute... but..... why i don't like them to be together?? well.. hope jiyeon will be a regular cast for this drama..
  6. seriously.. i'm over excited for this really excited for her song especially the one that she composed herself i WILL buy her album!! #NiceBody fighting!!
  7. i love the boxing scene.. she's look really beautiful <3 ahhh can't wait for the full song.. 19+ version? i might die after watch that teaser
  8. ohh GAWD!! this teaser make me speechless.. already FALLING for the song.. love it much <3 the teaser is on repeated can't imagine w/ 19+ version, i think i might prepare some tissue
  9. really my mind full with hyomin nice body.. i love this photoshoot much.. its show not only sexiness but coolness <3 she's really :wub: no words can't describe my feeling right now.......
  10. OH MY GOD!! really LOVE the first pic <3 speechless.... don't know what to say.. i think i can't wait any longer for this solo debut.. and the measurement on the first pic really give me :blink: NICE BODY that abs..................... :D
  11. oh gosh.. i can't with that pic teaser.. finally my long waiting is over for this solo debut.. July 2nd come faster!!
  12. t920513

    [14.06.14] Jiyeon,

    my satisfaction for jiyeon is 1000/100 always love her performance and can't wait for T-ara comeback!!!
  13. jiyeon always support hyomin everywhere and everytime.. i like this relationship really curious about the song hyomin and jiyeon fighting!!!
  14. ^ seriously?!! this is a teaser for teaser? it means tonight will be released a different teaser? i don't understand at all will be waiting for tonight
  15. hyomin.... just take my heart with you........ and i love how eunjung and hyomin support each other.. they really close together
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