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  1. woahh you're so fast :P I love the fanchant so much.. i bet hyomin will love her fanchant too each day i think hyomin more relax with her performance <3
  2. the dance moves really great.. i hope 'they' not banned it like jiyeon's.. GREAT job!!!
  3. I love the MV I love the song I love the style I love the dance I LOVE EVERYTHING IN THIS SOLO <3
  4. GOSH!! I'm just fall in love with hyomin more.. just see her on simple outfit make me scream <3 *fangirling*
  5. they are so cute... but..... why i don't like them to be together?? well.. hope jiyeon will be a regular cast for this drama..
  6. seriously.. i'm over excited for this really excited for her song especially the one that she composed herself i WILL buy her album!! #NiceBody fighting!!
  7. i love the boxing scene.. she's look really beautiful <3 ahhh can't wait for the full song.. 19+ version? i might die after watch that teaser
  8. ohh GAWD!! this teaser make me speechless.. already FALLING for the song.. love it much <3 the teaser is on repeated can't imagine w/ 19+ version, i think i might prepare some tissue
  9. really my mind full with hyomin nice body.. i love this photoshoot much.. its show not only sexiness but coolness <3 she's really :wub: no words can't describe my feeling right now.......
  10. OH MY GOD!! really LOVE the first pic <3 speechless.... don't know what to say.. i think i can't wait any longer for this solo debut.. and the measurement on the first pic really give me :blink: NICE BODY that abs..................... :D
  11. oh gosh.. i can't with that pic teaser.. finally my long waiting is over for this solo debut.. July 2nd come faster!!
  12. t920513

    [14.06.14] Jiyeon,

    my satisfaction for jiyeon is 1000/100 always love her performance and can't wait for T-ara comeback!!!
  13. jiyeon always support hyomin everywhere and everytime.. i like this relationship really curious about the song hyomin and jiyeon fighting!!!
  14. ^ seriously?!! this is a teaser for teaser? it means tonight will be released a different teaser? i don't understand at all will be waiting for tonight
  15. hyomin.... just take my heart with you........ and i love how eunjung and hyomin support each other.. they really close together
  16. oh well.. give me some news about authographed copy too.. i MUST buy it! just enjoy the MV.. i must say i love it much since hyomin give some smile on that video oo can't wait for the full MV released.. btw we can watch it later on ccm official youtube right?
  17. ^ me too.. at first i was hoping that hyomin will do a ballad song but now.... i'm falling with this new concept for her no more patiently waiting for tomorrow video realesed.. really curious about the song :lol: i hope it will become success just like jiyeon
  18. ^ agree with you.. how can she change to a little boy?but i love it.. she's so cute with that style.. now i really love her new hair style hyomin look dorky and cool at the same time
  19. finally i download it now can't resist to watch jiyeon being dorky :P thank you.... <3
  20. how can i survive with this pic teaser everywhere?! i'm just love it so so so much <3 perfect style ever :wub: #nicebody indeed
  21. ahh gosh!!! i can't take my eyes from that teaser <3 love it too too too too much!!! :lol: can't wait for her solo debut.. how can a person become so perfect?! #nicebody #hoy really can't wait.. i'm already over excited how can i handle the next teaser?! this is best day ever :wub:
  22. ^ me too.. i hope that hair in the 1st teaser just a wig.. i love hyomin with long hair, but i love everything about hyomin even she has a short hair now
  23. im really over excited with this news.. really happy to see the teaser soon, or might die after see that teaser seriously i can't wait for the concept!! waiting w/ no more patient
  24. daebak! add 2 minutes long.. really excited to see that will be waiting until this midnight even i really already sleepy right now
  25. i think hyomin become more skinnier than before, right? oo that legs really make envious.. can't wait for her solo debut <3 waiting so hard!!
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