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  1. they look so cute in that gown. pretty pretty. love them all
  2. cant wait to watch this movie. hyomin fighting!
  3. love qri hair color . makes me wanna dye that color .
  4. hyomin wearing diff color lens, so sexy and cute. all of them are too
  5. both so pretty, brings back memerioes , love seeing them tgt
  6. so pretty all of them ,wished i was there . no surpise for me sad
  7. all of them look so good, love the style for this performance
  8. love hyomin style, colors matches so well with each other, the rest looking good too
  9. looking good, looking pretty, as always, queen hyomin
  10. she looks so gorgeous, love the dress, love the pics
  11. looks so pretty , so dazzling . omg love hearts hyomin
  12. nice gifs, good quality , love them thanks for making
  13. loving her red hair omg. looks so so good on her
  14. i really wish i was there to get their signatures . omg sigh sad
  15. hyomin in that two piece , omg drools , omg
  16. ha ha ha jiyeon so cute in the first gif. like a fan girl
  17. black is the new black . looks super good on them
  18. love the look of the last cover, cant wait to get them
  19. love all these gif, esp the first one. thanks for making them
  20. jiyeon so pretty, can look at her pics all day
  21. brushing teeth still can selca , haha , super cute
  22. all eating cup noodles. they should eat something more healthy
  23. hyomin and flowers. hyomin prettier than the flowers
  24. Hyomin ! looking good in black as always.,
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