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  1. Yep,this performance was surprisingly good even though they combined it with other songs,and my gawd all of them looks so beautiful last night and Soyeon's voice at the end of the perf was godly~ btw I saw some of the previews from the dots and they all looks so happy. LOL Jiyeon,Hyomin and Boram jumped like a kid...so adorable.
  2. yep,I've watched the mv once before but never really listened to it. The MV was....weird and funny at the same time. When I listen to it the second time,it does seems like a catchy song,and it has a bit of BPBP vibe into it. I'm guessing that T-ara would promote this song in China as remake song(DYKM) doesn't do too well in Korea...I mean China's market is no joke. If this remake song by T-ara hit big in China,they will be megastar in no time. And I have some question,I saw some info on twitter about a song which will only include 4 members of T-ara...so is this the one? anyway,I'm excited for another miracle by Shinsadong Tiger.
  3. Ohh...haha yeah I forgot about that tweet. Qri actually tweet about hamkyul with a hashtag. ahhh so nice.
  4. HAHA! Yes I knew about that too and I'm planning to buy it. Coz duhh,its a "signed album" by T-ara themselves. So I'm not going to missed this rare opportunity. But sadly I don't have paypal so I'll have to wait till Monday to make a new card and registered it. Hope they still available by the time I ordered.... and yeah,I heard about it too...660 albums man,that's a lot of album and I can't help but feel worried and doubt that all 660 albums were signed by them. maybe they just randomly choose whose album to signed or they just choose the highest buyer,perhaps? I dunno but this is just me. Although I do hope for a signed album...but I'm not going to get my hopes high and get disappoint by CCM again. LOL they are the best in trolling fans. hamkyul? I see Minyeon... really? even Qri confirmed Hamkyul is real? where?
  5. so uh,I really want to ask something about this album. Does the photobook shoots are include or inside the album if you buy them? this is my 1st time buying a korean album and my 1st T-ara's album so i'm very-very excited to be able to contribute something as a fan.
  6. I will watch this every single day if they'll the one forecast the weather every morning...
  7. sweet!!!! I love that formation...so lucky of them getting to see Sugar Free's first perf on stage.
  8. I love all of it...the pictures,the concept,the looks,especially their looks tho. so beautiful and "jjang" lol and there's that picture where all of them look at the camera while Eunjung are looking elsewhere...haha! But overall it was an awesome concept photo!!
  9. " I've been going through sites that translates Netizen's comments and most of them are pretty positive. On sites like Netizen buzz which focuses only on hate, International fans in general from variety of fanbases stand up for T-ara against the hate from K-netizens, which only adds up to the fact that the hate they have been getting for the past 3 years is not taken seriously by anyone with common sense anymore." really? is it true? most of them are positive comments and the hate for them is not that bad anymore. You know,seeing your comment makes me relieve and that actually makes my heart feel more better now. and yes..the first time I've opened sites like Allkpop and Netizenbuzz,I was so shocked cuz the comments in there was too horrible and I've honestly never seen someone being curses at like that. I never opened those sites again and just look at the main article but not the translated comments.
  10. agree!!! Which is why I like them so much...it's good to see them being happy like that.
  11. so thankful that they go with Shinsadong Tiger this time! This will be exciting!!!! T-ara Gooooo~
  12. can't believe they haven't choose a title track yet when they already did the group photo and other stuff... I mean Hyomin has been constantly hinting us about their comeback even when she was still promoting her solo and they even release their studio photo with Eunjung,Hyomin and Soyeon recording a song. Come on CCM...
  13. Ohh,I get it...did her parents have a divorce before,like Boram's parents? (sorry didn't mean to be rude here) and I can understand that,business is always so difficult to manage. To be honest,I'm glad for Eunjung and her family,I mean that place looks better and peaceful compare to their shop in the city. It is this kind of place that can makes family more closer together. - sweetgirlEJ indeed~
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