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  1. why are you so sure that that's really soyeon's instagram? was it confirmed by anyone causse none of the other girls are following her.
  2. oh boy I cried just now T.T too sad. Jiyeon is one of the less idols that can act very well. I wish she would act in more dramas
  3. is this legit?? I mean none of the other girls are following her yet
  4. oh god she looks so freaking beautiful.The M/V must be amazing - 1 more day just 1 more day. And we need Soyeon's teaser pic and right afterwards the M/V
  5. D'awww baby boram loos so effin cute. So up until now I love Hyomin's and Boram's teaser the most. I'm so excited
  6. wait... what's that supposed to mean?? Are they shooting a new M/V for YaYaYa???? Amazing
  7. wow we sure are getting spoiled with comebacks aren't we?! I love it. Jiyeon looks so gorgeous I really love this shoot. And I can't wait to see the other teaser pics...
  8. I really wish we could see our girls more often in such gorgeous dresses. I hope they will attend the red carpet at the MAMA's and I hope they all wear such pretty dresses
  9. not digging the outfits this time but they look so happy ≧^◡^≦
  10. Kekeke I'm glad you guys like them. The photobook is really pretty. I like the quality of the paper.
  11. am I the only one who likes the 2nd one the best xD But I would be happy with #3 aswell.
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