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  1. Always like it when she updates, but that first pic tho'
  2. I don't know why but I was hoping that the english version wouldn't be a remix, that it would be the english version of the original(like SNSD with 'The boys'). Ah well, it's pretty neat as a remix, though the english was a bit hard to understand. I have to say that their pronunciation was pretty good, better than I expected.
  3. I'm a bit wary when k-pop acts release english versions of anything, but I'm optimistic this time. Though honestly, 13 remixes is a bit overkill.
  4. The song is a bit disappointing for my tastes. A bit bland, I guess? But it's decent enough, it'll probably grow on me in time. The video is too fast paced but the content is pretty awesome. They all look gorgeous and the concept suited pretty much all of them, especially Boram. This is probably the best concept/styling she's ever had. Now I have a morbid curiosity regarding the Brave Bros song.
  5. It's clear that the 'no sexy dis time' thing was a hoax. Not that I'm complaining.
  6. Soyeon and Boram are missing but these are awesome! Only part I don't like are Jiyeon's lenses but it's nothing big. I'm very fond of Eunjung's look, probably because it's been a while since I've actually liked Eunjung's concept look. I feel she's been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to concepts for some time. Though I'd say Qri looks the best here.
  7. This is looking and sounding pretty nice. I'm not sure where Boram is, though. Did she even have a close-up? Anyway they've done their makeup in a very cool way this time around. Qri in particular looks like this is going to be one of her better styles, and she didn't lack great styles in the past either.
  8. I think they're just trying to build up hype.
  9. I hate Brave Bros, can't stand most of their stuff. They make popular songs but Shinsadong is better imo and they've had more succes with his stuff in the past. Either way we'll get both songs so it's not much of an issue for me.
  10. Grats for breaking the curse. I love this girl, though the first pic scares me.
  11. Dafuq's a nice bosy? I kid, I kid. Oh is this Hyo's natural hair color?
  12. I'm eager to hear it, not really sure about Seunghee but hopefully her voice won't be annoying at least. You don't have to be officially in a group to sing together.
  13. This is probably my favorite outfit out of all of them, though I'm fond of most of her recent ones too. They remind me of her Jeon Won Diary days, especially because of the hair.
  14. It's a bit creepy when she smiles and looks straight at the camera with that fixed stare. Kind of like a creepy doll.
  15. I like her better with this wig than with her hair now . Would have been cool if it was yellow.
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