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  1. Dramas tend to get better ratings the more they go on and/or they get better. She barely appeared in the thing so saying that Jiyeon's appearance is responsible for the increased ratings is a bit of a stretch.
  2. I don't know why I get this feeling that Taewoon is actually doing most of the composing work but this is sounding great! I don't know what composing chops Hyomin really has, but if Taewoon isn't doing most of the work then I hope his influence will be felt at least.
  3. Not sure what to make of the audio, doesn't sound too impressive to me, though perhaps it'll be better when we get the full version? Jiyeon's teaser sounded great but her full song wasn't anything special, hopefully it's going to be the opposite with Hyomin. (Who am I kidding, the Brave bros will screw it up ) The videos are interesting. A bit too sexed up for my tastes, but it suits Hyomin.
  4. Their performance sounded exactly like the heavily autotuned studio versions of the songs. Them using the studio recording is not an issue for me, so much as the lack of any noticeable usage of their own vocals to go along with it. I wouldn't mind that overly much either if they moved their lips in sync. Granted you make a good point that the audio might be off. Either way I hope that won't be an issue with their future performances. But yeah, I suppose we at least see the girls perform as a group again. Granted the sound system bit is a possibility, but I'm not sure what you mean by 'MR not lipsync' since those two go hand in hand(unless I'm mistaking some terms).
  5. This was kind of weak. Their lypsincing was a little off so even leaving out the heavily autotuned vocals from the recording it's clear they don't sing at all, for the most part anyway. I think there were a few parts where it seemed like they used their voices to go with the recording but I'm not sure. Their dancing was a bit sluggish, especially the roly poly part, it might be because they're tired and/or out of practice, but not having heels probably would have helped.
  6. Those things they're holding look...kinda weird. Makes them seem naughty.
  7. She's still a looker but those contact lenses really don't suit her.
  8. Jiyeon's teaser sounded a lot cooler, probably because it had part of the chorus in it(if memory serves). This just seems like an intro that rappers sometimes do for other people when they feature in their songs, so it's pretty weak as a teaser imo. Hopefully this teaser is not an indication of how the song will be like because the melody seems lame, and I don't see Hyomin rescuing it with her vocals. Appearance wise it's not bad, I rather like her this way, some of the outfits are pretty nice on her at least. Though I do wish they had let her hair longer, like she had in Lovey Dovey at least.
  9. Honestly this is probably her best performance yet, probably the only one that I genuinely like beyond just her skimpy outfits(even if not that much). Counting T-ara performances too.
  10. I've no idea what this 69 slam thing is but it sounds and kind of looks hella naughty.
  11. Not overly familiar with this type of show, though I have seen a few american/european shows like this when I was younger and I can't say I liked most of them. Maybe it's my selective memory or my religious beliefs that I had back then but they seemed to me that they were a bit, I don't know, weird/awkward/decadent after a while? Call me a prude(or whatever) but that pretty much ruined my impression of shows like this. But I'm curious to see Eunjung on a show like this so I'll give it a try(when we get english subtitles). Since SK is more conservative it probably won't be too weird either.
  12. I always thought that I'd be the one to get crap for being a so called 'anti' before you lol. Stay strong, brother.

    1. Scatter_88mil


      Hahaha, believe me, this is not the first time I'd been accused of such. I must say though, it feels intriguing to see someone that's seems determined in actually making some degree of effort lol.

  13. This looks very promising. I just hope the song/s will be good; it's actually the only thing I'm worried about.
  14. This is probably my least favorite outfit on her, as far as her Never ever performances go.
  15. Now this is pretty cool. Short hair doesn't go with her face as well as long hair but this looks interesting. I usually hate the Brave Brothers' stuff but I hope this one will be one of the exceptions.
  16. I don't see much of a difference, if at all. Except the extra 2 minutes anyway.
  17. Vice_devil


    This article is too biased for me to take seriously. It makes T-ara seem like poor ignored victims of the korean public and this just isn't true. They're not ignored or disregarded, they're still fairly succesful and still have considerably more succes than a lot of other groups. Not as much as before, no, but it's not because the public is close minded and just simply unforgiving, it's because of their moronic management that screwed things up royally. As far as I'm concerned the public has every right to doubt T-ara's image after the scandal. If you look at the girls' past knack for scandals and blunders, and at the agency's actions during the Hwayoung scandal skeptically it's impossible to not at least suspect there's something unpleasant about them. Heck, even a lot of their then die hard fans thought so, at least in the beginning. Anyway I like the sound of this reverse 'Divide and conquer' thing that this writer thinks is going on, but I figured that while CCM might want to have the public stop associating the members with the name 'T-ara' so they can disassociate from their past blunders more, they probably want to do this more so people get used to them as soloists and to promote them easier when T-ara disbands(or to milk them of whatever the can until their contracts expire), not because they want to start a second season of T-ara. I suppose we'll have to see. This article had a few funny things though. Like: 'The public disregards their music and closes their eyes to their popular dance choreography.' If it's so popular how is it disregarded? 'Looking through “tainted glasses” is very scary' Unless you have rose tainted glasses like the writer, then it's a blast! Also I thought the public was closing their eyes, what relevance do the glasses have then ? Kind of wonder what sort of articles we can expect when Hyomin starts her own debut.
  18. Didn't seem like she was moving her lips to the song that well, must be the way the camera kept changing. Also how the heck is this an androgynous concept? She's not as 'feminine' as her other performances maybe but there's no ambiguity regarding her sex, she's clearly very much a woman even at first glance. Maybe if she had dressed in an actual suit.
  19. Wouldn't mind seeing HD japanese versions of Lovey Dovey and Roly Poly. (those don't exist on youtube already, right?)
  20. ^The song seemed to be pretty much identical to the music video to me. Still does. Didn't think to check the MR removed version for some reason. Guess I was wrong, she didn't just move her lips!
  21. While I wasn't overly fond of that part of the choregraphy, I'm a bit surprised. Sure it was a bit sexy for conservative tastes, and I'm a bit conservative myself, but I'm pretty sure I've seen even sexier before without any changes being ordered. Ah well. @Scatter: South Korea is best Korea!
  22. Given that it doesn't seem to be a particularly difficult choregraphy I would have liked if they had let her actually sing, over a backup track of course, instead of just moving her lips to the lyrics. Not that she's the only one doing this mind you, but given how heavily they autotuned her voice it's hard to pretend that she's singing it live; hearing her voice along with the track would have made things more believeable. I suppose she probably doesn't have the vocals to make it work very well(common problem with songs where the voices are heavily autotuned) but I want an actual performance, damnit!
  23. You do all realise that all the admirable things she says are very likely to be something that CCM told her to say, right? Still can't get how people automatically buy these statements as if they come from the idols themselves. Anywho, the song is disappointing to me. Reminds me too much of one of Pink's songs and I feel they could have autotuned her voice better. The video is decent, she's pretty hot, though nothing that spectacular that blows my mind. Overall for all the hype it's pretty disappointing imo.
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