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  1. Haha!! I have heard all sorts of stuffs about all the tickets selling in the first minute those kind of stuffs... Haha!! Now I'm worried about Haha!! I have heard all sorts of stuffs about concert tickets getting sold out in the first minute of sales... and im kinda worried about the language the ticketing website is going to be in... which website to buy the tickets will be posted on their fb page too?
  2. are there any updates on this concert? like details and where to buy the tickets and such???
  3. Aww!!! is this gonna be a short one like a showcase or its gonna be a full proper concert? Im waiting for a full proper concert but it doesnt seem to be happenning in the SEA region... so i might go for this if its a full proper concert... but then again its a joint concert.... maybe i should go korea or japan like @T-ara love mentioned
  4. Didn't think that they would have a summer sexy concept!! I think it's 😱 for fanboys like me! 😆 Either way.. Never would imagine that after so long.. Just when it's back to 6-ara they would have such a concept.. Concept aside... It's time to show the power of the 6-ara! And to give my five cents about boram... I always thought that boram has one of the best body proportions! As long as you don't have anything that will help people estimate her height beside her... Anybody would probably have thought that her body is wow... Volume and shape 😤
  5. Omg! 1 of 7 chances to get the calander you want... Anybody willing to trade?! Soyeon ftw!!!!!
  6. Haha!! By the time they fix the come back date, they would probably be doing it with dani alr.. Not saying that they should get any song.. But I hope 6-ara would promote an album before dani joins in again... I am an originally a 6-ara fan... t-ara fighting!
  7. lol...sound normal this time...haha! though i don't think this song will have any sign of being popular...its t-ara nonetheless! Fighting!
  8. Haha!! Looks like it's gonna be a fantasy and cute concept... One piece style!
  9. they performed all songs of their new albums? looks like they performed quite a number of songs...
  10. flop....haha!!! though a pool party is supposed to be chillax.... only the best performance will be able to make an impact at such an open outdoor stage...but i think n4 should not have taken this stage being its first stage in usa... the first stage should be something that would make an impact...
  11. super awkward interview! haha!!!! the mc wasnt too bad... but dani could have saved the interview being the translator...haha! dani have to debut faster to practice the ways of entertainment! everyone have been waiting for so long...since the promised 2012 year-end which she was supposed to debut...haha!
  12. Lol!!! Kks and his tricks again... limited edition... I don't think it will be...so many supposed to be limited stuffs alr...
  13. This photo is so cool! Haha!! Most would have expected a group photo...
  14. wow! t-ara N4.... wish that they do well! but why did hyomin wear this corset?! there are definitely much better ones than this!
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