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  1. Haha!! I have heard all sorts of stuffs about all the tickets selling in the first minute those kind of stuffs... Haha!! Now I'm worried about

    This data came from T-ARA's official Facebook. Tour dates are still a little ways off yet but I presume their Facebook page will update when that info is available.

    Their staff is very up to date on concert info. Check back frequently because tickets will sell fast.


    Haha!! I have heard all sorts of stuffs about concert tickets getting sold out in the first minute of sales... and im kinda worried about the language the ticketing website is going to be in...

    which website to buy the tickets will be posted on their fb page too?

  2. Didn't think that they would have a summer sexy concept!! I think it's 😱 for fanboys like me! 😆 Either way.. Never would imagine that after so long.. Just when it's back to 6-ara they would have such a concept.. Concept aside... It's time to show the power of the 6-ara!

    And to give my five cents about boram... I always thought that boram has one of the best body proportions! As long as you don't have anything that will help people estimate her height beside her... Anybody would probably have thought that her body is wow... Volume and shape 😤

  3. oh my....the on part where they squat down back faced...is there really a need for that move???!?! its just that move i found appropriate/awkward throughout the whole song....=.=...other than that its a really really catchy song!! :D

    Something different than a normal korean group is that recently T-ara dance moves are moving away from super difficult moves but rather towards signature moves!! Fighting! :D

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