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  1. omg! i hope for a quick recovery! so that the group actvities can start again! fighting!!!
  2. haha! wishing the best for t-ara! being nominated shows their recognition! fighting!
  3. i guess the snowman costume looks really special on her! ^^ fighting!
  4. omg! they are so so so bonded! great to hear that! the bonds will make them a great team! fighting!
  5. haha! t-ara fighting! another motivation for them to go for even greater heights! ^^
  6. haha! they are definetely like fireworks in the industry! haha! fighting!
  7. haha! this definetely is an evidence of their recognition in the industry! T-ara fighting!
  8. haha! glad to hear that she is improving! haha! ^^ but she really was once being edited out alot! this shows her improvement! hyomin fighting!
  9. haha! i guess all of them are! not only hyomin! haha!!! fighting!!!!!
  10. haha! i guess them taking public transport will in turn boost their popularity! ^^ hee hee....free ad?
  11. haha! i guess everyone wants to have a scandal with them! hee hee^^
  12. haha! i'm glad that they are all each working hard! t-ara fighting! make 2010 your year!
  13. haha! i'm glad that they are also venturing into the the dramas! hee hee! but i hope they can make more appearances on variety shows so i can get to know them more! ^^ gogo tiara!
  14. haha! i'm glad to hear that they are really doing well! ^^ i really hope that they can own the year 2010! ^^
  15. Haha! indeed are power rookies! haha! Wishing for an even brighter future! ^^ T-ara fighting!
  16. Haha! i cnt wait to visit the store! haha! i also hope i can buy something from there! maybe posters calanders and stuffs! ^^
  17. ^^ they really have a kind hearts! not many celebrities are like them! fighting!!!
  18. Haha! i'm sure people will recognise her as part of t-ara! fighting!
  19. haha! i'm still a rookie but i think the guy is weird! haha! maybe is my bias-ness towards that kind of hairstyle. haha! ^^
  20. i'm still a rookie so i cnt really differentiate them.i only know hyomin thru invincible youth. ^^ but all i can say is that too much make up doesn't look nice! haha! fighting!
  21. paws and ears! i dun think there are any other groups that have these kind of props for performance! and it's so cute! haha! since they are still young i dun tink they should be ashamed! T-ara fighting!
  22. haha! its really an idol town!! omg! so many of the idol groups are living there! you may meet one of them if u walk pass the street everyday!
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