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  1. I feel as though this song was a little different than the little apple MV? When they sing in chinese it is a little bit different here than in the MV, might be wrong, but thought it was interesting
  2. The dog thats on her lap looks cute, but the dog that is sitting on the barrel looks like he is tripping on acid LOL
  3. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCETlyq6M0vMRF9IOGOUEsyA Did any of you guys take a look at this? Not sure if anyone already posted about this, but apparently t-ara got their own official youtube page?
  4. Man qri looks so pretty in the teaser photo! Very excited, just around 4 weeks of waiting waiting patiently,but excitedly
  5. Im dreaming aren't I? This is AWESOME and SO EXCITING. The girls sure do know how to make us wait, but I would say it is so worth it
  6. Lol the second set with the bag on her head, so funny!
  7. I think that hyomin should have gone with this outfit instead of the miley cyrus look. I don't know, this one just looks nicer in my opinion.
  8. Really love these pictures, nice to to some of G7 coming backing together!
  9. I really love that second to last photo of hyomin, she is absolutely stunning and beautiful!
  10. She is sooo pretty in these pictures, excited because of the teaser, makes me so anxious to hear the song!
  11. I am so ready for this! I've been waiting patiently for far too long, and now I am about to go crazy for her solo, very excited!
  12. it's probably because guys think girls are too mysterious and they probably already know how guys would respond LOL
  13. oh my god, she looks so adorable in the cheerleader set of pictures :3
  14. Wow this is awesome! I'm really not sure what to expect since it's supposed to be totally different, but this looks very cool.
  15. Dang, that HD photo is amazing, the hype is real!
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