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  1. Choices Stories You Play Hack https://t.co/GOc1Kvv07e #Choicesstoriesyouplay

  2. RT @nuradilahazhari: Hi Semua! Jangan lupa untuk mengundi masuk Adilah melalui hashtag #CleverGirlMY #Adilah !! Let's bring back WP! ❤️ htt…

  3. @Chloe_morrison4 @OnceABC the price is her happy ending.

  4. Happy Birthday Diadem! To Elly...you are extraordinary gifted. To admin and all staff..you all are goddess. Thank You so much! love e kondo
  5. Boram unnie is so cool in taking picture...must have "then and now"..hehe...love you rambo.
  6. now i know where is Eunjung previous white hair... After Eunjung...it's time for Hyomin in wihte hair....hehehehe okay...Nice Body... yes she is.. I love Hyomin so much..i still have no clue about her album concept..but one thing for sure..it must be great debut..
  7. i don't have any idea about the show..but reading the comment above is all about how the idol talk about mature thing...it's interesting.
  8. tiba-tiba kangkung jadi sangat femes #kangkung

  9. the fanchant is daebak! non-stop shouting and screaming and chanting..
  10. Thanks T-ara. Queen's support to the max. Queen's Fighting! T-ara Fighting!
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