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  1. Im in Korea now and i want to go! Where in Yeouido is it? Is it just by the station?
  2. I was out on a military operation for a few days and all i was thinking about was that when i came home i would be able to listen to T-ara's new song. *Really sadface
  3. Never liked that move anyways. I'm looking forward to the new dance ^^
  4. How does the fanmeetings in Japan work? I've seen people stand in line for each Girl and then come over and get a short greeting and an autograf in the "Daily T-ara" show. Do you just have to go there and stand in a line? I plan on going thats why i ask :3
  5. Anyone that understands whats going on in the MV? xD And to that dance version there is only one word: YES!
  6. I looked at my account earlier today and thought that i had to start saving for a atleast two months... But screw that i'm going to japan!
  7. Eevee cup!! And its cute that she can fit her whole face in the cup
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