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  1. i love minyeon so much. but where is eunjung?
  2. excuse me. what are they doing there? a CF or fan meeting promotion?
  3. anybody knows something about hyomin? is she sick? or why wasn't she in the last presentation?
  4. T-ara voices + Shinsadong creativity + little apple = viral all over the world. he he he! i hope so.
  5. incredible song. shinsadong-t-ara combination is the best on k-pop. they derserve an all kill, but i don't care about that. t-ara fighting!
  6. shinsadong song now and brave brothers 3 months later. i want two comebacks this year.
  7. i can't believe how beautiful jiyeon looks in this photo.
  8. it's sad that she can't win, even with the demonstration that she is very popular, winning international polls like m countdown. for me you are the best, even if you don't win any award in korea anymore. i will love you forever jiyeon.
  9. ugh! she looks happy. i hope she will get a drama soon. jiyeon fighting!
  10. jiyeon looks absolutely beautiful with that outfit. no need to show too much skin to be sexy. i hope she win at least one show.
  11. she looks really beautiful, and slim. i hope she eats well.
  12. that's the dress that i want when i marry with eunjung. ha ha ha! so beautiful.
  13. i always will love soyeon's face. no wonder she was an ulzzang. pretty soyeon.
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