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  1. I had no idea whats to say. I just can say that they always look adorable, in every mvs
  2. Thank you for the gif, I'll wait for the rest of the gif. *Hyomin & Jiyeon* xD
  3. Ninja? Hyomin is an ninja? hehehe She really like ninja on me.
  4. ^ Don't worry Minnie. You still pretty with short hair.
  5. When I saw SPEED, they always remind me of Lovey Dovey by SPEED. lolll
  6. Hohoho, I play this song every times, now I still hear this song. Ballads song always look nice.
  7. I can't wait for this album, it seem will be a nice song although it has a sad lyrics. ^^
  8. It so nice to see her in that VIP Premiere, all of CCM's artist come to attending this VIP Premiere, just like a family.
  9. OMG. look their dorkiness. So funny Their cover is pretty cool to see. After all they always do the best.
  10. Sorry, can I know where you put the uploaded videos? I don't see it, in that link. Thank you before
  11. It possible for our Dino, she have ability that can attract the attention of the young kids.
  12. I cant wait for the video. I hope it can airing in my country.
  13. Yes. I agree with you.Eunjung leg look weird. But the overall they look awesome & cool
  14. Yeah. Shes looks like a sick person, but I always like her. Whatever pose she do, she always look amazing.!
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