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  1. This girls are Gorgeous.. But you can see who improved a lot..
  2. It seems that she have sore throat..its written all over her face..or is it just my imagination..i even heard the clang when she put her hand on the bench at 2:17..and compare her first solo performance in mnet..either way I'll always love her..she's my bias in T-ara..
  3. So eunjung is closer with hyomin than the other member especially jiyeon..
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  6. OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHH.......i LOVE this song..arggggggggggg..this song will be on TOP.. i can't stop giggling..they look HOT..i LOVE the beat of the song its catchy.. i really like the chorus part.. looking forward in watching them in live performance..
  7. ...EunRam couple...yeah...they look cute together...jjang unnie's............
  8. Eunjung is really going to be the main cast in My Boss begins. its all over the news..i've been waiting like forever for our Eunjungie to be on big screen..now the time has come..*trows confetti..*fireworks..
  9. gosh..she is so hoooooooooooooooot......cant wait for her solo debut..
  10. oh come on the dance is cool..I've been practicing the dance too..jeje..
  11. Everyone! Vote for Ji Yeon - Never Ever for Kpop Music Mondays! http://t.co/Dk6OpXSZ9L via @eatyourkimchi

  12. eunjung still looks great but she looks thinner than before..
  13. yay!..i cant wait to watch this movie...yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo...........
  14. eunjung unnie is so cool..i hope she will have her solo debut too just like hyomin and jiyeon...kekeke.. but hey!..i want to see her in a drama or movie...i want more from her..kekeke... eunjung unnie jjang..
  15. not feeling well..

  16. oh thats why the pictures are like that..its april fools day..
  17. we know kids don't lie right. seonghun is telling the truth.
  18. I cant do this anymore...i have many activity to do...i didn't even finish my 2 system...

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