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  1. Another bad news.. T_T

  2. Waiting for Hyomin solo.. hehe..^^

  3. #happyJiyeonDay.. ^^

  4. Wow!Eunjung,Hyomin and boram went to music core to support their maknae.. haha.. Jiyeon must be happy..
  5. #1분1초.. 1Min1Sec..

  6. Haha.. Is this Jiyeon?? This pics make me speechless.. but..Seriously, it's really amazing..
  7. Yes! So excited... This is what I've been waiting for.. ^^
  8. #HappyBDayDiadem (5th Anniversary) n_n

  9. As usual... They are so beautiful...^^ By the way.. I really love the last photos..
  10. ...It's kill my heartbeat...

  11. Why i'm soo lazy to prepare myself for tomorrow??

  12. I rather to be silent..

  13. Watching THE BAND..

  14. Sounds good.. can't wait for "1 min 1 sec"! Jiyeon fighting!!
  15. Looking forward April 30th...^^

  16. Gonna be busy.. T_T

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