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  1. I'll probably do the same if she's here in the Philippines. ^^ Thank you so much Thai-queens :D
  2. so this is why she wore a wedding dress? I though it was for her web drama ^^ she look so elegant in all the pictures but the second one is my favorite! Thank you for sharing!
  3. 2 million votes is a huge number. Thank you for all the hard work Queen's. This is a good news for their 6th year anniversary and I hope this will continue until they comeback on August.
  4. [iG] Eunjung's Instagram Update (07/12) shot Credit: Eunjung's Instagram + empresswithnocrown + tiaradiadem
  5. I'm so excited !! 'Sweet Temptation' is the name of T-ara's web-drama ... and it is also the title for Eunjung's story (though it is tentative). I hope they won't change the title anymore Now, who is the lucky guy that who will become her partner
  6. [iG] Eunjung's Instagram Update (06/14) appetizer Credit: Eunjung's Instagram + empresswithnocrown + tiaradiadem
  7. Thank you memebox! #ImElsle #MeMeBox I'M ELSIE. IT'S ME. MEMEBOX Credit: Eunjung's Instagram + empresswithnocrown + tiaradiadem
  8. [iG] Eunjung's Instagram Update (06/09) ? What are you doing now? Credit: Eunjung's Instagram + empresswithnocrown + tiaradiadem
  9. [iG] Eunjung's Instagram Update (06/08) good night Credit: Eunjung's Instagram + empresswithnocrown + tiaradiadem
  10. [iG] Eunjung's Instagram Update (06/07) 짧았지만 즐거웠던 TheVictoriaPeak #Hong kong #The Victoria Peak Credit: Eunjung's Instagram + empresswithnocrown + tiaradiadem
  11. Didn't they perform (base on pictures above) Roly Poly too? Eunjung's dress is killing me,, I can't wait to watch their performance.. I hope they keep her long hair until their next comeback Congratulations to our girls! More awards to come~
  12. What was Eunjung trying to do with the South Korean flag on her phone?
  13. They made a mistake on her name they put EXID (은정) instead of ELSIE (은정)
  14. After joining her in her solo promotions (Ki-O) she will join them in their performance too Are we going to see her performing in heelys too? Good luck to their comeback!
  15. I am so excited to see what kind of performance they will show to us ughh.. EunMin feels~~
  16. Thank you for the translation. I like the part where she said, "When things go against your will, wouldn’t it be better to wait until things naturally get better with time." nevertheless, I wonder who is the lucky guy that she dated early last year?
  17. Red hair, Red bouquet and red print on her shirt. thank you for compiling all these photos and thank you for the fans who uploaded it.
  18. I'm asking for it's price now here in the Philippines. I'm so excited!
  19. her white dress and red long hair is really awsome!~
  20. It her fouth time on the show right? If that's the case, they really should make her as their permanent member ....
  21. just like in the music video, I can't see her whole face in the photos too. goodluck Elsie!
  22. I love the song. When will she start performing on music shows? And, this is just a the short version of the official video, right? I hope we can see her whole face when the official music video was released.
  23. Her natural 'aegyo' can be seen in her each reply. It's good to see that she and Baek Sung Hyun still checks each other after they film Queen Insoo. I can't wait to watch the whole show after it airs tommorow. ------ ------ Hyomin: Let's be happy Eunjung: Let's smile
  24. It's her 3rd guesting on that show the hosts must really like her! By the way, is that a scar on her left wrist?
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