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  1. They all look so pretty ! And I loved this song a lot! Aha and I can't wait till Soyeon snd boram preform next week ! Yay lol
  2. Is the video out yet? Because I really want to see it. aha
  3. I swear T-ara looks better and better every time I see them >they are all so beautiful
  4. These are amazing. Thank You so much. They all look wonderful
  5. Im way to excited. Go tara! Slay ara! I just hope they win, they deserve if
  6. I have to wait like a month for that. 3 weeks for it to come out then a week for the subs.. aha
  7. I have over 2000 points but im waiting for my new phone so i can update it on that! Aha , i hope they have something that can chnage the skin thingy lol
  8. Shes so pretty! She can even skate. Amazing! Go jiyeon
  9. I am beyond excited. Like i cant even explain it. Im so happy. I hope tara has an all kill
  10. I want both but right now shinsadonh tiger because i want tara to have atleast one win. There competition is high.m
  11. She looks beautoful wothout maleup.i hate how some people said shes ugly and fake without makeup. You can obv see shes so beautoful
  12. Ph wiat i kinda have a question? Will jiyeon be a leader this time or there sticking with qri. Idk
  13. I qm beyond excited. I cant wait. Slay tara. I hope they win an award. I can tell it will be epic
  14. The website is in korean. I dont even understand . Sucks to be international fan
  15. Yes this makes me happy! Tara is coming back. Finally i waited so long for this. After two years
  16. She is honestly so beautiful. Lol aha shes so cool.lol.
  17. They all look so beautiful and great. Im so excited for their comeback
  18. Aww ome boram looks so tiny and cute. And look at the rest
  19. I am so excited! I cant wait till there comeback! Its going to be daebak! Fighting tara!!! And i hope they win an award! They deserve it
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