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  1. I really can't wait to watch their drama !!! I'm so impatient to be able to watch Qri's story >.< Just one month, FIGHTING !!!!
  2. Lee Donggun !!! I'm happy for her I really like him, she is a great actor. I hope that he will take care of Ji Yeon. They have 12 years old in difference but it's not a probleme. They love each other so let them date.
  3. I really like their comeback !! Plus I'm so happy to see Eun Jung with long hair ^^ (It's been a while) The song is so cool and I love their navy outfits. The dance is so funny ans sexy too.
  4. I'm so happy for T-ara !!! It's so great to know that they are very popular in China and I hope that they will stay
  5. Can't wait to watch her music video clip The MV looks so cool !!! Plus, she looks really class ^^
  6. Cool !! It's really fine that Ji Yeon have a member who has the same age as her. Oh ! I can't wait to see their new MV with the new memebr and of course to have their new album with NEW song >.<
  7. Poor Ji Yeon ! I feel very tired for her. I hope that she wouldn't get sick because of that She works very hard : movie, variety shows, interviews and Tiara (of course and the album) ! Wow ! It's like that being a celebrity, what can we do ? GOOD LUCK JI YEON !
  8. Eeeeeehhhh !! Waht a 7 new member !! Ryu Hwayoung is pretty but I hope too that she can sing. And what ! Eun Jung Leader will be change to Boram !!!!! I don't understand Core Contents Media. Eun Jung is a good LEADER. It's not that I don't like Boram but she does anything compare to Eun Jung ! Why Why ? Poor Eun Jung, she must be very sad and it's what all fan must feel ! I'm shock !
  9. BRAVO ! I love So Yeon solo's song ! And so happy for Ji Yeon for playing the ghost ? teh lead cast. I'm impatient to see the movie !
  10. I saw that !! Ji Yeon was so cute ! And Rain who laught (so cute too) !! Yoo Seung Ho is lucky to have kiss our Maknae Ji Yeon !! I don't really like him too !
  11. It's good that everything gos so well for them and with Jeong Eum as their new model, they can only gain more visitors in the future !
  12. The 2 songs are very good !! I love their new song "I Go Crazy because of you" !! And their new concept is so wow !! Qri is so beautiful !
  13. Oh !!! I can't wait to see the MV and the repackage album !! Qri is so beautiful ! The song seems to be good !
  14. Hehe !! Can't wait to see it !! Ji yeon is so beautiful and so funny with her mirror !! But does Ji Yeon play the principal role ? Because if that's the case JiYeon is perfect for this role ! And (of coure) I will be very, no we will be very happy !!!
  15. Thanks for sharing this cover !! Thy are so pretty !!
  16. thanks for sharing !! I love their Lies's photos !! They are so pretty !!
  17. The song is not very bad !! but I prefer the version 1 !! but in this version they are all members !!!
  18. Yeah !!! All Supernova and Tiara !!! Want to see the mv !! I'm waiting for !!!
  19. Yeah !!!! With Cho Chin Sung !! I Love Supernova !!! En plus T-ara change their style !! They are pretty !!
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