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  1. Heard from C-queen's that international artistes who are invited to attend this event are all of a certain level of popularity. Based on this, we can already tell that t-ara has reached a certain level of popularity in China. ))
  2. Username: jissomin_1219 Age: 15 Location: singapore How much time you can put into Diadem in a week: 15 hours? Experience (not necessary): translate news from weibo and other sources on twitter Why you want to join Diadem's subbing team: just want to help to sub faster
  3. hopefully she would be a permanent member for this show , she had been a good spokesperson apart from soyeon :DDD
  4. wow omg really anticipating a lot from this solo !!!! and wow at her abs , her body figure omggggggg really cant wait for the mv T____T
  5. OMG another D-16 !!! Hopefully people will support Hyom like how they support Jiyeon's !! really anticipate her solo omgggg hyom hwaitingggg \^^/
  6. was hoping that she doesn't need to feat anyone since she is a rapper herself ;;;;; really want to see her rap her own song so badly T_T
  7. Apple is A , Cry Cry , Day By Day , Lies , Goodbye, ok ( cry cry tracklist) , I'm so bad , day and night to add in : IGCBOY , Tic tic toc , WAYBLT hope it helps
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