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  1. name: a(mber) award: queen's award logo achievement: 100 posts ssokyul - minkyul qri - soyeon queen's - afa thank you franz
  2. she looks so good omg i love these saves for future use
  3. darn i thought it was gonna be in february. excited either way!
  4. ooh this looks even better than the covers i can't wait to see the whole shoot
  5. ooh hopefully there'll be scans once the mag comes out .. i love the first setting i wanna see more of it
  6. not a request but the new badges look so good!! (no pun intended lol) keep up the good work guys [insert gif of hyo making a heart]
  7. is it possible to swap badges? if so can i swap hamkkyul for minkkyul? also; Name: A(mber) Award I Want: Soyeon Achievement: 50 posts ssokyul - minkkyul qri - soyeon absolute first album thanks in advance for when you see this!
  8. omg they look so good what kind of aesthetic queens
  9. gosh i havent been here in eons ,, hello

  10. You are so cute though! <3

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. A(mber)


      why did u write that tho

    3. Rose Lily

      Rose Lily

      eh just was scouring the forums for bad content and i found a couple of thread replies you made haha, adorable

    4. A(mber)


      LOL like what ??

  11. Name: A(mber) Award: Absolute First Album Achievement: https://twitter.com/toppknob/status/572727182960685056 Badge Position: just stick it on the front and leave the others thanks
  12. so I can get a badge for referring a friend right? Username: A(mber) Award I Want: Ssokyul Acheivement: referring a friend (that friend being L(aura), she even said so in her intro thread lol) Badge Position: Ssokyul - Eunkyul Qri thank you lily lovely
  13. OMG are you who I think you are ???!

    1. Shinychan


      yes! Who else if it's not me

  14. thanks for the add lovely -3 also I clicked on your profile to write this then went off and did something else and forgot about this and ended up sitting idle on your profile for like 15 minutes OTL

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    2. A(mber)


      I was making edits you should know how distracting that gets >.>

      (I swear I only ever use >.> when I'm talking to you idek)

    3. Rose Lily

      Rose Lily

      Hahaha! My influence. I use it a lot these days hahahahhaha!

    4. A(mber)



  15. oh no wanted a post on the first page noo (half joking LOL) Username: A(mber) Award I want: Qri Achievement: signing up Username: A(mber) Award I want: EunKyul Achievement: 25 posts Badge Position: Qri - EunKyul thank you and thank you for putting in the awards feature! ps @Lily I'll try not to change my badges as often here as I do on onehallyu ha
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