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  1. Username: m4rina Award I want: Minyeon, Eunyeon, Jiyeon and Wang Achievement: - sign up, - posts (it count 50 i guess 2 then?) and album award here the pic
  2. I want hyomin's album lol thank you diadem for this giveaway, you guys the best.
  3. I was shaking so hard seeing those pics yesterday seriously. I can't wait for this debut, it's going to slay me i can feel it
  4. had several heart attacks n convulsions with the video and the dispatch pics. #recovering
  5. Their eyes. They look so much alike, i'm in love.
  6. Poor Boram she wants chicken feet too (i guess?)
  7. what am I doing with my life

  8. what am I doing with my life

  9. what am I doing with my life

  10. what am I doing with my life

  11. RT @allkpop: Former KARA member Jiyoung greets fans from Europe http://t.co/uKakziP9aT http://t.co/59CxrevM4B

  12. Isso aqui não é a seohyun. Não é a innocent maknae http://t.co/Ks3nOt2Y8S

  13. Ela é do time 7 ain to emocionada ; ;

  14. sica com pepinos = eu com toranjas

  15. "eu desejo que voce seja muito feliz. mas infelizmente eu tenho certeza que voce não será." PISOU

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