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  1. My Goddess! I nearly died of fright when she said she had cut her hair. But now I think it's okay, she is beautiful and sexy anyway.
  2. ^it's not really two months! It's soon we just have to wait a little longer! This photoshoot was so beautiful. Hyomin's smile is daebaek TT so, so nice! I miss her
  3. She should get a pet. She looks cute even holding one. lol Aaaah, I love dogs lol Especially those ones, but I can never remember their race type lol
  4. Omg O: Brandinator, I follow you on tumblr, but for some odd reason, these scans are no longer available in your minus folder... So this is a happy surprise! Thank you very much for these beautiful scans!
  5. She really should get Instagram ): My IG is new, so I've been dying to check it out often lol Regardless, she looks really cute in both pictures
  6. I like this style. I think she'll do well, because it fits her - just as mature sexy fits Hyomin. So relax, guys. It's fine. Hwaiting to both of them!
  7. I miss Hyomiiin! I really hope her solo debut comes soon, and that both solo members do well! She looks beautiful here, as always!
  8. I think it's cute of her to post her eating desires like this, hehehe. Especially if she's going to write poetry about it lol
  9. They look so cute together. Jiyeon's brother, fighting at the army! Hope he does well.
  10. When these photos came out, I was so happy. They look really beautiful! I just can't say I liked Hyomin's dress D:
  11. No one would give Boram 28 years. She looks like a cute teen! If I could, I'd stuff her inside my pockets!
  12. lol is this her drawing?? She can draw such cute things, if so! does she have anymore of those???
  13. I saw this program, the girls are very cute. Hyomin is so energetic when she wins!
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