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  1. @teampd101 teampd101 and their malicious editing tsk tsk!! it clearly says in the caption Chanmi, not Sejeong! https://t.co/SWDi1ujXiK :p

  2. My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Pritz (13), 티아라 (12) & f(x) (10) #PlebBabyTaste http://t.co/Q5W82GMHjn

  3. I don't remember being so hyped!! it looks so good! I wonder if it's something like a subunit, or perhaps the re-birth of T-ARA N4.
  4. My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Slipknot (19), Sunny Hill (15) & Immortal (11) #PlebBabyTaste http://t.co/AAPXUYlh3Q

  5. When this came out and they were heading to China, I thought they were going to promote for a while in there. But they're already back, so it's cool.
  6. I think he was trying to be polite, because it looks like he doesn't really know much about kpop.
  7. In short, she's not really interested in fashion haha. But her street/comfortable clothes look damn fine in her.
  8. I wonder if this is a proper comeback with performances in shows and everything. I'm ok with anything, though.
  9. Yeah, when I watched the preview for the pics, I was thinking "who is that with Hyomin and Jiyeon". Very different, in a good way. I miss her long hair.
  10. Hehe, Qri's face: "pfff, none of you are worthy!" Those shorts are really.. short, btw.
  11. I think that he BTS pics were a little better, at least sexier.
  12. Her pants look like made from leather. All leather Ham... that's someone's dream.
  13. They all look perfect here, specially Hyomin with those eyes and that hair.
  14. Qri's nose dot give me strenght, she wouldn't be the same without it.
  15. Maybe it was just me, but was looking tired in some recent variety. Good to see she still has her charms.
  16. I can't get enough of that long long hair, looks so good. Hopefully it'll get longer!
  17. Whoa she looks really thin in those pictures, I wonder if it's the angle...
  18. She looks good! except for the pants, maybe a little too much "street" for me.
  19. What?? is that real? at first it doesn't look like an "official" account, but I guess it is.
  20. My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Sunny Hill (25), 티아라 (13) & Queens of the Stone Age (12) #PlebBabyTaste http://t.co/NPai7PSroX

  21. She has a really nice voice, it's a shame Nice Body doesn't have parts to show us her talent.
  22. That's a really good photo, hopefully she will let her hair grow (probably not, though)
  23. One of her lenses is kinda out of place hehe, she looks funny (2nd picture)
  24. My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: 티아라 (16), 385 (12) & Johannes Brahms (11) #PlebBabyTaste http://t.co/szyaNLMN8h

  25. I was looking for this on google and diadem subs was the 3rd result. Thank you for sharing!
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