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  1. [TRANS] not.good morning.ㅠㅅㅠmeuye_ But nevertheless, Since I'll be going home now... Departing from Macau to Korea Source https://twitter.com/_transbot They were invited to do merchandising to the Mega Hotel and they said by twitter that they can't sleep because there's too much lights, and that they are happy because are returning to home XD
  2. Day after day, she is becoming even more pretty !
  3. Good luck, Eunjung (Elsie) ! You are beautiful in these pics! ♥
  4. Take good care of her, Lee jinjoo-ssi!!!
  5. My Qri, cute-and- pretty, where are you??? ♥
  6. Lucky guy, near to our princess.... She is beautiful in white
  7. Cool! I ll be waiting for this movie! I hope u have fun, my dino!
  8. Our mother Eunjung is so cute ♥ always helping people!
  9. She is going to meet her parents... Tomorrow is the parents Day in Korea....I hope she can post a picture with their parents in the future! I dont know her father
  10. Eunjung with long and red hair is even more beautiful then the usual!
  11. I'm so happy they are making ads in korea! Go Elsie!
  12. So cute in that dress! I hope people translate in the future this interview
  13. cute dog! and This food looks good
  14. Qri's legs driving me crazy ! She is So hot >.<
  15. So, it's time to think less and act more ! xD
  16. ↑ It's a box with a bow... but I dont know what is inside!
  17. Cool! I am waiting fot the subbed version of this show ! ^^
  18. hahahah.. She is beautiful.. and what about this weird eyebrow?
  19. I'll be waiting! I hope this producer can make a very good song to her. She deserves it, as a good singer and cool and sweet person that she is ♥
  20. I'm in doubt about a thing: is she a manager?
  21. At least 5 years more I hope! There's a lot of news from 2014 that said their contract had expired, so, if they signed a new contract with MBK to promote in China, I guess they have at least more 5 years.
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