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  1. It's worth it. It may not be worth it for Eunjung's sake alone, but look at the bigger picture. First, the union is attempting to stop this practice, which will not only benefit Eunjung, but future actors and actresses who face a similar problem. Second, having Eunjung reinstated is good for T-ara. This will show that T-ara won't go down without a fight instead of taking xxxx from certain people in the industry.
  2. Well this sucks. A lot. If my favorite gets removed, I don't think I could call myself a T-ara fan anymore.
  3. [11.12.23] T-ara 'Lovey Dovey' Movie Premiere Delay..."Sorry" [updated] Girl group T-ara delayed the music video to their follow up song Lovey Dovey that was originally planned to be released on the 24th to January 2nd. T-ara's agency Core Contents Media expressed that they were sorry by stating "We apologize and we'll bow our heads due to the music video being delayed" on the 24th. The Lovey Dovey music video will be released January 2nd at 3pm. The agency said "We'll release it on January 2nd without any problems" and "Once again, we're sorry." The Lovey Dovey music video, where the process of filming and editing took over a month, is a 22 minute drama that shoes the ties between the actors Cha Seung Won and Ji Chang Wook and the T-ara members Jiyeon, Qri, Hyomin and Eunjung. The agency said "With the end of the year award ceremonies and Cry Cry promotions, along with the duet We Were In Love with Davichi which came about due to the fans' support, it's regrettable that Lovey Dovey, which was strenuously prepared, got buried underneath those, but we made the tough decision to delay it" and requested "Please anticipate our music video that we worked hard on to make respectable." *** Source: Naver Credit: Naver + MyDaily + The Real CZ (trans) + Diadem
  4. Yeah, I can't believe how T-ara is one of the few groups without a damn fanclub name lol.
  5. Eunjung's gonna be in the hospital because of her schedule...
  6. Reminds me of what happened in the shoutbox yesterday. lol.

  7. Ban you. :P They already had discussions of banning me lol.

  8. Lol. What are they gonna do? :P

  9. I'm gonna have to report you. :P

  10. Yeah. I stalk you. Be VERY afraid. :P

  11. Hello stalker. Thanks for leaving a comment. :P

  12. Are you back to seeing a bunch of obese girls in London? lol

  13. yeah. simply so gay. lol. i am missing those LEGS!!

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