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  1. I hope this will be T-ara's Jackpot. I can't wait for November, the song is too catchy.
  2. I hope as many Queen's as possible will do that. I'm really hoping for a #1 this time. I've been streaming the album like crazy, watching M countdowns performance, voting polls. watching the official MV. i hope this will all be paid off next week when i see my 6 angels holding that cup Please let that happen.
  3. Oh my god it's magnificent It's just too good i can't stop watching.
  4. Yes in fact, many comments were like "Don't underestimate T-ara" or "Most of you forget how many hits they had", "All the hate is based on baseless rumors" and here are some comments coming from K-Netizens themselves [+270, -142] Seriosly... Lies, TTL, TTL2, Bo Peep Bo Peep, Why Do You Act Like This, Like The First Time, I'm Really Hurt, I Go Crazy Because Of You, Yayaya, Roly Poly, Lovey Dovey, Cry Cry, We Were In Love, Day By Day, Sexy Love, they were no joke... What girl group can produce so many hit songs from 2009~2012, in just three years? 2. [+202, -81] It's almost equivalent to Nonono's popularity. Roly Poly was a #1 nominator for 7 weeks on Music Bank. At that time, their competitors were Sistar's So Cool and Miss A's Good Bye 3. [+181, -103] TTL 2 was more daebak though ㅋㅋㅋ Who doesn't know the song? 4. [+113, -23] What's funny is that T-ara's scandal is just aegyo comparing to Bigbang's but Bigbang is promoting well ㅋㅋㅋ So funny, xxxx ㅋㅋ 5. [+83, -13] Aren't T-ara's songs better than SNSD's? 6. [+81, -16] Honestly T-ara used to be so popular. Roly Poly was daebak and Lovey Dovey was a hit so they were even mentioned on winning a daesang... They're now pretty much dead but if they didn't have the bullying scandal, then they must've been a top girl group similar to SNSD 7. [+78, -9] What are you talking about? If you're comparing T-ara's peak, A Pink is not even close. T-ara's public popularity was also really big. The public would know T-ara's songs even if they don't know who T-ara is So you see, things are starting to look very good.
  5. The girls are so strong. It's beyond me how they cope with so much hate and still be able to smile. Now i know some of you would probably say "Singers always have haters/ It's their profession bla bla bla" but T-ara's hate is just on another level, you can't simply compare it with another artist. To me they have shown the true definition of the word "strong". P.S: The hate they receive is now just laughable to be honest. It has been 3 years and K-netizens, yes, the keyboard warriors are still hating on them. I find it so ironic that they hate/accuse T-ara of bullying, yet they go on the internet and do the same thing that they accuse T-ara of, if not worse. The worst kind of bullies are the bullies that think their actions are justified, disgusting.. On the bright side people are starting to realize how horrible and out of hand the hate has gotten from K-netizens that they are even starting to stand up for T-ara, which as a fan i'm happy about. I've been going through sites that translates Netizen's comments and most of them are pretty positive. On sites like Netizen buzz which focuses only on hate, International fans in general from variety of fanbases stand up for T-ara against the hate from K-netizens, which only adds up to the fact that the hate they have been getting for the past 3 years is not taken seriously by anyone with common sense anymore. So the girls don't have to worry about anything, people are slowly starting to realize what they are doing. I can't wait to see them back on stage again.
  6. She is soooo adorable. Love the pictures they're so lovely *_*
  7. Antis won't even take the time and effort to be on T-arahollic. And i wish it was T-ARAstagram, haha. If only they use it as often as Instagram.
  8. I love the app but i hope they improve it a bit, i understand it's still in BETA. But i would love to see some more features, like fans can follow each other on T-araholic, Fans can post pictures, status' etc, so that it will become Queen's official social network haha. I would also love if they changed the pictures that show up when you open the app with some newer pictures of T-ara. I love the app so much but if T-ara members don't post anything, the app itself is pretty dead. allowing Queen's to post would be a great feature so that it becomes active.
  9. Yes, my dream officially came true. Soyeon waking you up is heaven, what a way to start your day
  10. I can't wait any longer, super excited for this comeback. They look so beautiful *_* T-ara hwaiting!
  11. Damn, Hyomin has become so beautiful. Well, she has always been beautiful. She changed from a beautiful girl to a gorgeous woman. Can't wait to listen to their new stuff. ^^
  12. They look stunning. I can't wait anymore *_* I don't understand how some people say they couldn't recognize them. I could see who is who right away. Let's hope it's gonna become an all kill, they truly deserve it.
  13. This is the best piece of news ever. The Queens will finally make a comeback, i can't wait. slay queens slay <3
  14. She is helping her parents, that's so cute. i love jungie *_*
  15. Boram is seriously the cutest thing that walked on earth. Haha how i love them all
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