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  1. Good news, I want more of it. The story with Eunjung and her sister (Jenny of Dia) seams great.
  2. You may found on this channel the video with english sub of the show. There are two versions since there was a dual diffusion, one focused on T-ara team, the other on Dia (this one with english sub). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyMjUsdL_9tkpVNz0LPHtAg Since they weren't allowed to meet the fan and distribute the gift they have prepared before the show, Hyomin, Eunjung, SeungHee and ChaeYeon took some selfies with the smartphone given by fans.
  3. isn't it one of those tree for wishes or good fortune ?
  4. It's me or they are not in the 29th videos ? All I have seen with them is the entrance and the wrestling contest the 28th.
  5. It's perhaps true in general meaning, but be assuring than they never falled out of my heart. All what they have done since are great songs, except really few ones. But remember that the kpop market has now too many good girls groups, so not to be able to overperform isn't a terrible thing. Many great groups have few recognition. It's a shame, but a major background helps a lot.
  6. I couldn't participe (don't know why) but Queen's have won the Billboard’s 2015 Fan Army Face-Off. soompi
  7. Soyeon is pretty cutty, who's feet are there ?
  8. She's so pretty here, it's my favorite perf of Nice body.
  9. Same here but it worked fine. rar format is a compressed one like zip. You can use 7-zip to open it and extract the files. You may find 5 files, and T-error.exe would launch the game. Enjoy !
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