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  1. Yay! A giveaway!. Hope I get at least one. Either would be great.
  2. Cheese~ and lots of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Old Username (Name you login with): fiftieth New User Name:fiftieth Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/26511-ig-twitter-hyomins-instagram-twitter-update-0212/?p=442152 Donor: No Also subber/staff
  4. IY reunion!!! IY reunion!!! G7!!! (Missing hyuna) Now I got that out, it is still amazing to see that these girls are so close even after IY ended few years ago. Really hope we can see the entire IY cast reunion, including the ones after the cast change.
  5. 시사회 못와서 미안하다구 바쁜데 시간내서 집앞까지 와준 순규... 이와중에 징크스 포즈로 영화 홍보까지 해주고갔다.. 낯간지럽지만..넌 참 멋진 친구입니다....!! 이번앨범 무조건대박나쟈~~~ Mr.Mr.♥ Credit: Hyomin's Instagram + twitter + fiftieth + tiaradiadem Translation: Soonkyu, who said she was sorry for not being able to come to the preview, and took the time to come to the front of my home, despite being busy... she even came and promoted the movie with the jinx pose.. it's a bit embarrassing..but you're a really great friend....!! let's make sure your next album is daebak/successful~~~ Mr.Mr.♥ Translation Credit: @ch0sshi
  6. The game was fun! Loved the Easter eggs. Cute ending too. Tried not spoil anything Great job on it.
  7. [13.12.16] Video - T-ara - Do you Know me? M/V china dance ver. cr: coremidas This was reuploaded by CCM Same thing below from an unofficial channel for fans that can't watch the above one.
  8. Wow 1000 days together. Amazed to see Soyeon and boyfriend have a nice date with friends. Happy for the couple.
  9. She looks great with short hair but she is exquisitely beautiful with long hair. But this pictorial is so good.
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