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  1. Ah! I saw you at the game! I seriously thought you were a celebrity xD glad a fellow diadem member got a chance to take a picture with her hehe!
  2. I live almost 4 hours away but i will be attending that baseball game haha! I have never seen a t-ara member in person so this would be a nice opportunity for me, even if i'll only see hyomin for a bit. xD
  3. This is so cute, qri is there and i believe that is boram on the left side as well!
  4. At the moment I would say ST will be my choice. I was also thinking if they are in such a predicament...just ask the fans what song they would like to see first/most?
  5. Awesome job guys! Thank you for making this event! Happy T-ara 5th
  6. Old Username: Kuzon New User Name: Kuzon Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/317-pics-your-favorite-boram-picture-thread/?p=118508 Donor: Yes thanks for the help and support! >
  7. now to wait for her to post the selca she was talking :3
  8. i always wondered...what is her dog's name? or is this soyeon's dog haha ^^; qri = bapul soyeon = kimaru + the (totoro and ???)peki duo eunjung = ??? jiyeon = mashi hyomin = minnie and mini(if this is correct?) thanks in advance guys
  9. As a shoe fanatic myself, I was quite impressed that soyeonie got these shoes, especially since they are not easy to get here in america now. Even more impressed that she bought the concord grape "mids" XD
  10. apparently its her being a "rolling expert" XD
  11. looks like boram and qri are there too! xD
  12. when i saw this, i realized that she does the same pose during the song haha xD
  13. Thank you for the help! but for me it says video is not available in my country D:
  14. i must be doing something wrong...i still cant watch these videos here in the U.S. ....T_T
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