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  1. Thank you very much Lily! My badge looks awesome!
  2. Wow thanks! Is there any restrictions on the selection of picture??
  3. Oh it's not a general badge for donators? And from what you are saying i can have a custom badge to put into the list?? Hmmm interesting. Anyways, i have donated more than 3 times
  4. OOOOOOOO Akatsuki custom badge!! I likey. Can i Have it? Username: jalut81 Award I want: Akatsuki custom award Achievement: Donations
  5. Wow interesting!! Username: jalut81 Award I want: MinKyul Achievement: Signing Up Username: jalut81 Award I want: Subyung Achievement: 25 posts That's all i want for now from the awards list Can i add some more later on? Thanks
  6. already bought mine but without poster. should've be on it's way now
  7. This performance was really surprisingly good!! Didn't expect the different arrangement, didn't ruin the song. Although they started with a different song, wondering what was it. And Qri started the song, wow what a nice surprise
  8. Why does this channel says it's T-ara N4 while at kt music only says T-ara?? And Melon shows T-ara as well
  9. I heard it might be delayed till 11 November or later due to waiting for approval from China's authority
  10. I figured the forest was completed so i was looking forward to visiting it when i went to seoul last month. by the time i went there, found out that it hasn't started yet well anyways, i'll be sure to visit the forest the next time i visit there
  11. I rather hold off on saying much about this coz the MV was soo chaotic lol. Which if looking at how T-ara MV's are lately, kinda fit Cough CoughSugarFreeCough Cough But still, hearing the bits & pieces of the song in the MV, i would agree to some who say that it fits to T-ara's style, doing songs that doesn't follow everyone else lol. And ST behind the scenes, i'm pretty sure he's gonna rock with this remake like how he did with SUgar Free. Song is catchy enough i think, if only there wasn't so any breaks to cater to the MV, i would've probably enjoyed it better lol
  12. All of them look lovely although Qri is wearing pants :(
  13. I always anticipate the next time Qri posted something from phhhoto although one thing i notice, Boram sure is carrying one big-ass mirror lol
  14. i Immediately thought of one of her promo photos where it showed her body measurements lol since it's only t shirts right now, i'm gonna skip it and wait for any other new things
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