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  1. already bought mine but without poster. should've be on it's way now
  2. This performance was really surprisingly good!! Didn't expect the different arrangement, didn't ruin the song. Although they started with a different song, wondering what was it. And Qri started the song, wow what a nice surprise
  3. Why does this channel says it's T-ara N4 while at kt music only says T-ara?? And Melon shows T-ara as well
  4. I heard it might be delayed till 11 November or later due to waiting for approval from China's authority
  5. I figured the forest was completed so i was looking forward to visiting it when i went to seoul last month. by the time i went there, found out that it hasn't started yet well anyways, i'll be sure to visit the forest the next time i visit there
  6. I rather hold off on saying much about this coz the MV was soo chaotic lol. Which if looking at how T-ara MV's are lately, kinda fit Cough CoughSugarFreeCough Cough But still, hearing the bits & pieces of the song in the MV, i would agree to some who say that it fits to T-ara's style, doing songs that doesn't follow everyone else lol. And ST behind the scenes, i'm pretty sure he's gonna rock with this remake like how he did with SUgar Free. Song is catchy enough i think, if only there wasn't so any breaks to cater to the MV, i would've probably enjoyed it better lol
  7. All of them look lovely although Qri is wearing pants :(
  8. I always anticipate the next time Qri posted something from phhhoto although one thing i notice, Boram sure is carrying one big-ass mirror lol
  9. i Immediately thought of one of her promo photos where it showed her body measurements lol since it's only t shirts right now, i'm gonna skip it and wait for any other new things
  10. Holy... 'Plain Yan' & "Salty Ex Static'?? The translators don't do justice dears :D You used Bing or Google??
  11. LOL well i don't know about all this OTP stuff but I guess what I'm trying to imply is Qri does check on the comments in her Twitter & IG for her to know about the OTPs Although i'm kinda wondering & perplexed on how Qri reacted to the Queens who cursed in their comments, whether to the haters or in suprise
  12. The photobook is included in the album, it's even part of the CD cover If this is your first time, try have a look at mNet's Meet & Greet for T-ara, they're selling out signed CDs. But not sure whether still available or not coz last time i heard, it was already about 660 sold EDIT: Btw did you guys notice how Qri confirmed the OTP HamKyul?? HamKyul Queens were like in heaven when they notice it on twitter
  13. I know what you mean, me and the Captain were discussing about it previously during T-ara's earlier promotion. But at least this time, some of us can contribute through streaming. My concern is just that other fandom probably figured out this method. this method was even taken from the Crowns so sooner or later other fandoms will now of it
  14. Ah same here. my account show a 'no package is found' status Fortunately i have one account that i payed through iTunes so at least i got that going. Now i have extra 2 melon accounts lying dormant Perhaps i should look for iTunes Gift Cards, can use that at least to pay. Maybe you should try that too
  15. You are using the account from tara_union is it? hmm, have to ask the Captain for that, i'm trying as well. did you login in the app? i don't think you can use on pc, the package given by tara_union is only for mobile use. so melon app
  16. No, this change of location is set in your iPhone's App Store. Sim card will not affect this EDIT : Oops, i didn't see that you're using android my bad. Open this link http://youtu.be/Qku6P2_Ffts and look under the description. there's a link to media fire for the melon.apk install that into your android. then follow the steps she mentions and you're set
  17. I think the pass we buy from t-ara union is only applicable for mobile usage only Although i've been informed on twitter that you can use it on melon player but need to logout from the mobile app I can't try this method yet though, havr to back home first
  18. Captain, i'm jealous of your banners :D did you post them anywhere?
  19. OK. Basically, to write you have to go the bottom of the page, lower right. There's a pencil icon there, click on it. Next type in the boxes that i've filled in red then press the purple button. confirm and that's it Hope that helps EDIT : Oooopsss, didn't notice that post you made just now. Ohh well, at least you made it
  20. no worries i'll try my best. hopefully everything will be fine
  21. Lol yeah i know, i'm waiting to fill in the form as well i guess have to wait patiently then we still have about a day or so before deadline so can still wait abit thank goodness i already have one melon acc running
  22. Once you've registered and sent the money, fill in the form at http://t-araunion.com/xe/check/2784 what is needed is your ID and password For the second question, not sure. Maybe Captain can answer that? but i think the 7 dollars is already included the paypal charges The cost of (Streaming 30days + Sugarfree MP3)x(VAT+paypal fee rate) is $7 [=(5400won+600won)x1.15] And third question, i think t-ara union will email us the confirmation. deadline is 15 sept so should be after that, within a day or two hopefully that helps
  23. I think i was into Twitter too long that i didn't notice this thread Nice Capt!!
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