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  1. I know right? We love it when 'sisters' did skinship with each other. There is totally, absolutely, impossibly, no way we can thought of something else. That would preposterous. Riiiiiiight? xP

    Whoa there bro, calm urself. kinda sound like you are heading into "that" territory lol :P


    anyways, it's hard to see them being more than close friends/sisters. especially with Soyeon dating some one already (i have problems spelling his name lol) but either ways, most of the time it's up to our interpretation.


    So i would say to each his/her own :) But i would still say Subyung lol :D

  2. Minkyul













    But tbh I don't really care about shipping / pairing. ¯\_()_/¯ It's just nice to see the girls have a cute moment with each other. That's all.

    I agree, they have been through a lot together and still stayed together. It is no wonder that they are so close and always so touchy feely, it has transcended to a bond that can rival blood relation.. Hopefully you guys understand what i meant :D


    The only approveed pairing I see is Hyomin - Sunny... Subyung is REAL :P


    If i were to just consider the pairing though, it's probably gonna be MinKyul since both of them read my message in the M&G previously :D

  3. I rather hold off on saying much about this coz the MV was soo chaotic lol. Which if looking at how T-ara MV's are lately, kinda fit :D Cough CoughSugarFreeCough Cough


    But still, hearing the bits & pieces of the song in the MV, i would agree to some who say that it fits to T-ara's style, doing songs that doesn't follow everyone else lol. And ST behind the scenes, i'm pretty sure he's gonna rock with this remake like how he did with SUgar Free. Song is catchy enough i think, if only there wasn't so any breaks to cater to the MV, i would've probably enjoyed it better lol

  4. Wow!!! I'm so glad you got chosen as well for a badge, but also that minkyul read your message! I had the same feeling about mine being lame hahahah, but I don't mind at all when I think about it again. Well, for me my day isn't done yet, I've been feeling so happy all day, and even though my spazz moment passed as well, I am still slightly spazzing, because I am truly happy that Qri clicked on me to read my message. As if senpai noticed me ! ; u ; This is the closest contact I've got with T-ara for now so far, but I am planning to at least see them live or something once!

    Yeah, got the badge :) so it seems i got a signed cd, a badge and my message being read by MinKyul.. In football terms, that's a hat-trick :D



    Indeed. Finally the day has come for T-ara to noticed International Queen's...LOL!!!


    There's a whole lot of scene that I like in this Meet & Greet session....first I'll go with how adorable our leader Qri and forever young big sis Boram,searching and looking where to look and got confused. then Qri is laughing at her own funny picture and Hyomin tried to imitate her face on one of Queen's chosen dp. And I just find it so funny when they all laugh at the Korean translated word of "Sugar Free" to English which spelled "Seoltang Mulyo". HAHAHAHA...Eunjung even said,"hey it sounds cool" !!! and yes,Eunjung was so easily confused in this session when she made some funny mistakes like saying "south" as "seoul". LOL she is just the best!!!


    I was picked by none other than our boss,Soyeon and I just too darn excited and happy by it. I can't imagine what my feeling is after she choose me,but I was very thankful and grateful for that. and unfortunately,it seems that they didn't understand my message fully...thanks to the google translate. I think hard what to wrote and pour my feelings into it. But I don't really care about it anymore....I was too happy to even care. At least now they know...T-ara's popularity is no joke and not only in Asia alone...but globally. I hope this will boost their confidence and gain strength again. I really like when Eunjung said "Wow there're so many fans from many places" (I don't know 100% what she said but my gut tells me that she's referring to that) bwahahaha!!!


    This is where Soyeon picked me....I was so touch by it at that moment and I yell "YASSSSSS" 




    Still,that badges seems tempting tho and I do hope Korean online sites will sell more of T-ara's merchandise. I was surprise cuz there was so little of T-ara's item being sell online while other groups has many,like even their own accessories(boygroups mostly). And I can't find any T-ara's lightstick cuz I was planning to buy one later. 

    Congrats! And yeah, it seems all the Queens that got picked were i-Queens. I noticed China, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia (yay!) and Hong Kong were among them. Yes, hopefuly it'll show our girls that we are here to stay :)

  5. I managed to watch the latter 3/4 of the m&g because of my Flash player not responding. It's probably the fault of my mobile i guess, not getting good reception


    Because of the problems i had, i missed out on me winning the badge. only managed to find out that when i last refreshed my browser and saw my dp highlighted. man, never before i was thankful for the random button  :lol:




    then AFTER the m&g, i was told by good ol' Captain that my message was read by MINKYUL... i mean, damn!! First was embarresed by the lame message but then as i rewatched the video, i saw QRI.SPELLING.MY.NAME!!! well, almost  :P  and then Soyeon added some comments to it! I mean, like, WOW! I don't know how did my day was so lucky yesterday!!




    Well anyways, today it's a new day and i think my spazz moment has passed lol. But i still can't believe my luck at being picked. And i would say this is the closest contact i've had to T-ara :) 

  6. After getting the update of the app I had a look at the goods store.


    I want the shirts, and I also want the model with the shirts. If the model doesn't come with the shirts, I'm fine with that too.


    Does anyone know the meaning behind the number 34?

    i Immediately thought of one of her promo photos where it showed her body measurements lol :P


    since it's only t shirts right now, i'm gonna skip it and wait for any other new things

  7. I enjoyed seeing Jiyeon, Hyomin and Eunjung (separate episodes) on Running Man. I'd love to see the whole group appear!

    Eunjung doesn't run very well though.


    It would even be great if Hyomin were on Roommate Season 2 with Sunny but T-ARA is a little busy at the moment so that can't happen. 

    Duuuuuuuuude. If Hyomin were ever to come in Roomate & joining Sunny, there's no way I can survive all the Sunbyung moments! :wacko: :wacko:


    But I would support this!


    So I ran the Chinese article through google translator and just lol'ed at what Google came out with the members' names from Korean translated into Chinese translated into English..
    Jeon Boram   : Full Sapphire
    Lee Qri          : Li Juli
    Park Soyeon  : Plain Yan
    Ham Eunjung : Salty Ex Static
    Park Hyomin  : Pu Xiaomin
    Park Jiyeon    : Park Jiyeon
    Eunjung got the best name :D


    Holy... 'Plain Yan' & "Salty Ex Static'?? The translators don't do justice dears :D :D You used Bing or Google??

  9. I am not sure.. since I have zero knowledge on hangul & just stumbling around the app by myself. But what I do know that I can stream music unlimitedly (I even leave it playing while I'm sleeping [made a playlist of all T-ara or T-ara related songs, put a copy of Sugar Free (Big Room ver.) between every 20 songs (aprox. +1 hour) and just stick in the phone charger] ), I can also watch MVs through the melon app (the Sugar Free MV was doing much better than the digital audio, I think it climbed up and down the top 5 since it came out and is still going strong) and I can also use the account in my PC. 

    Yeah i did what you did, i placed an an hour's worth of T-ara's song in a playlist, put Sugar Free on top and let it rip lol


    Although, my PC isn't really co-operating in running the melon player. so after so many tries, gave up on my PC and went back to on my mobiles.


    By the way, managed to buy the pass using iTunes gift card. picked the 30 MP3s. So for first try i downloaded Sugar Free from MelOn and it downloaded successfully into my phone. and just now i managed to snap up the EDM version as well although i'm missing the DJ Jeffrey Choi's both versions. those two were greyed out. too bad i didn't act fast thought, it was playable earlier when it went out on MelOn



  10. LOL well i don't know about all this OTP stuff but I guess what I'm trying to imply is Qri does check on the comments in her Twitter & IG for her to know about the OTPs :D


    Although i'm kinda wondering & perplexed on how Qri reacted to the Queens who cursed in their comments, whether to the haters or in suprise :D

  11. so uh,I really want to ask something about this album.

    Does the photobook shoots are include or inside the album if you buy them?  


    this is my 1st time buying a korean album and my 1st T-ara's album so i'm very-very excited to be able to contribute something as a fan. 


    The photobook is included in the album, it's even part of the CD cover :)


    If this is your first time, try have a look at mNet's Meet & Greet for T-ara, they're selling out signed CDs. But not sure whether still available or not coz last time i heard, it was already about 660 sold


    EDIT: Btw did you guys notice how Qri confirmed the OTP HamKyul?? HamKyul Queens were like in heaven when they notice it on twitter  :D  :D  :lol:  :lol:

  12. If it still doesn't show up try sending them an email with your form details to taraunion@naver.com ... I actually politely bugged them twice with my emails

    Well got my reply and account up and running already :D now i'mma just do some experimenting with another account :D


    By the way xbot, did you get the same option as i did. It translated roughly to 'Unlimited music streaming' Although not sure whether can play on the mobile player or not. perhaps i'll try a bit later



  13. Ok just a random update. Managed to secure an iTunes gift card and then went to have a look in the payment option under MelOn




    Ok so far now we have picked the second option which is to stream on our mobile devices for 30 days. however, the first option 'i-스마트 프리티켓' which google translates to 'smart i- free tickets' and the line below '모바일 무제한 다운 + 듣기' translates to 'Mobile Unlimited Downloads + listen'  What got me stumped was it's basically the same for option two except for '스마트' and '모바일' which the latter one is 'mobile' so my questions are


    1. does that mean if we re to pick the option 1, we can use this particular acc on our PC to stream? 

    2. what's with the 'mobile unlimited downloads'? if to my understanding, it meant we just download directly into our phone the MP3. However 3, 4, & 5 denotes MP3 downloads with each own quantities. 


    Well that's just me wanting since i couldn't find any direct answer on the Net. Anyways, i'm still trying the 3rd option, just gonna wait till weekend when i'm on broadband connection. I'll try to update some more


    I apologize if i'm just posting spam but i've nowhere else to share my findings :D

  14. I already bought it on iTunes and also a physical copy, I even gifted the album on iTunes to TWO people (So 3 total with myself!). I just wanna go that extra mile where it really counts digitally and get it through Melon :(

    I know what you mean, me and the Captain were discussing about it previously during T-ara's earlier promotion. But at least this time, some of us can contribute through streaming.


    My concern is just that other fandom probably figured out this method. this method was even taken from the Crowns so sooner or later other fandoms will now of it

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