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  1. Captain, as usual, your GIFs are flawless :wub: thank you very much
  2. I like it. MV not so much since it's fast paced and kinda confusing.. but hey, to me music is the most important thing I could say they sang well following to the beat of the song, although i wish they didn't distort their own voice during their own parts (except for Soyeon).. i prefere their own voice. but i guess rapping tend to do that. although Boram's voice was reconizable. I couldn't recognize Eunjung's and Jiyeon's parts The bass at first reminded me of Number 9 at first, but when the beat drops, it's own identity is shown sorry if i'm not making sense the pace of the song doesn't sound so bad, it's not too fast for me. although looking at the chereography, it kinda look aggressive except during the sugar-sprinkling part. Hopefully our girls won't tire themselves out easily Overall, it's banging and i cannot wait to hear the other songs in the album. Despite the few flaws (imo), Sugar Free has pushed Roly Poly down to the second spot on my favourite T-ara songs.
  3. Hmm, based from the works of the author eh? At first glance kinda remind me of a manga google translate is a bit unreliable so may have to read and re-read to understand this
  4. I totally agree, it is a good decision to ditch this whole sexy concept. And i myself nowadays just listen to music since i'm on the road most of the time, no time for MVs. in fact, the only interesting MV i've watched recently was Park Bo Ram's Beautiful. Even then i didn't watch it again as too busy So quality of music is the way to go
  5. Awesome!!! Now just need to see Boram in the photoshoot. Didn't see her in any of the pictures posted just now
  6. I feel like CCM is trying to bring the hype up with this issue To me, they should just come back with both songs, Shinsandong Tiger and Brave Sound. I don't mind both producers as I enjoyed both songs from them. Can't T-ara comeback with two songs like what they did for 'No 9' and 'Because I Know'? Or just come out with another mini-album like with 'DYKM 2014' and 'Hide & Seek'. Or even with what Sistar is doing right now
  7. Finally managed to listen to the songs Nate suggested in the first post, wow those have kinda fast beats. I personally don't listen to EDM so i didn't know int the first place. It'll be interesting to see how our girls are gonna sing in this kinda beat
  8. Totally agree with the no sexy concept. There's been too much of it already Plus, our girls are totally sexy without having to show it
  9. 'Fake It' always sounds awesome to me. Sometimes, in my opinion, 'Fake It' is better than 'Nice Body' since Hyomin can really show her vocals better
  10. Nice! Not hoping so much to get anything, so for now just sharing the news about T-ara's greatness
  11. Ah well, you know how some people are . I do know a few of my friends who would freak out whenever he/she hear some one is sick. But hopefully it's nothing bad for Soyeon
  12. Really? Oh well, perhaps it's time to get new ones then No worries, at least we'll get seomthing back rather than nothing. Thanks again
  13. Ok, my group status and active posts are back, However my avatar and signatures are not back yet. Am I to redo it again or will it be restored as well? Thank you for all your hard work, hopefully all will be back to normal again. Hang in there
  14. Old Username: jalut81 New User Name: jalut81 Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/27120-official-hyomin-solo-thread/?p=456904 Donor: Yes Hopefully that's good enough
  15. Awwww, haven't seen a reunion like this since Sunny met up with Minnie for her Jinx!!!/Mr. Mr. debut (I think) :wub: Is this after the Music Bank show or they did a meet up somewhere else? And i wished the pictures were a better quality, but i guess it will have to do And what the heck is on top of Narsha's lips? Or my eyes are deceiving me?
  16. I missed the live feed so I only managed to watch the clip just now. In my opinion, I prefer Fake It actually (strangely enough). But not saying Nice Body is not good, just that Fake It seems better But yeah, too bad Fake It is a one-time stage performance
  17. Yup, I totally agree :D I'm still a bit ticked off the album is not iTunes yet though...
  18. Lol I'm just hoping iTUnes can come up with the album on time Although sadly, no MVs at work
  19. Nice! That means I'll be waiting at noon in front of my PC
  20. A song Hyomin herself composed, interesting. I wonder what kind of tempo she would for this particular song, especially since it's an expression of herself
  21. Friend, if I was the car I would be driving as slooooooooooow as possible ;)
  22. I think Stellar's Marionette MV was more risque than this, but further judgement may need to be withheld until can see the full MV but man, i really don't need to see Minnie bent on all fours... this is not good for my health
  23. It was a nice teaser A mellow song, kinda reminded me of "Don't Get Married" And I shudder to think how the 19+ version gonna be like
  24. Wow that was quick Still, it was a nice teaser. A mellow song, kinda reminded me of "Don't Get Married"
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