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  1. Oh.. My.. God... I just noticed that that's Minnie's body measurement in the first picture :o :wub:
  2. So it really was a Hyomin flavour Campbell soup Ah, i wonder who drew these? Look nice & cute
  3. I think her hair in these photos look better than in the previous teaser and BTS photoshoot
  4. Nice! And i notice that there is a skateboard there 😄
  5. Eh I don't mind the short hair. I remembered that Jiyeon's & Hyomin's solo debuts would be a totally different image than T-ara so in a way this is a different image. Although I think it COULD be a bit less scraggly
  6. So it's a good time to spam/replay the teasers as well then?
  7. Oh I didn't know Naver news can affect ranking as well. How do they keep/track the points then?
  8. Hmm come to think of it Capt, you have apoint there. The video in Hyomin's Twitter is from dispatch. A miscommunication somrwhere?
  9. Yup not leaked, Minnie just twittered this video just a couple of minutes ago
  10. The video teaser is out already? I figured it's today at 7PM KST. Oh well This should be interesting, the song doesn't have much.. I don't know how to put it in words... Substance? Not a bad thing really, just means that the vocals have to be really good to overcome the simpleness of the song which means Hyomin pretty sure can pull off And Hyomin being playful is not good for my heart <3
  11. Yeah, i noticed some one posted on Twitter. This new album, probably around August or September. I wonder, did she really mean full album like 'Absolute First Album' or another mini album
  12. Well I wouldn't be suprised if Jiyeon had an Instagram acc all along. Probably just so that she can still keep track of everything on the social media and not be bombarded with DMs and PMs At least, T-araholic is still there for us to see updates from her
  13. HAHAHAHAHA :lol: With that statement Capt, all these thoughts just flew through my head that cannot be mentioned here. Therefore, I'm stopping myself here on those thoughts. Btw, will this debut be like Jiyeon's? With a mini album?
  14. Nice Although now I'm curios, what flavour of Campbell's Soup is Minnie sitting on? :P
  15. Hmm, am I the only one hoping for Hyomin to have a slow ballad song in her album? I was impressed in the songs she sang duet with Eunjung in the intro of MBC Music Travel (i think). She sounded like she can handle the low notes well
  16. Well can't wait for this one I wonder what theme would this album have?
  17. Ooh she got Baskin Robbins as a gift! I wonder what flavours she got
  18. Hmm can't remember which picture was it. Is it the one which the person in the drawing has short hair, red dress and pealr necklace? And i wonder if 'worry, worry' is gonna be the title or about her feelings? And if I'm not mistaken, the inspiration for this coming single is from one of Lee Hyori's hit isn't it? I wonder if it's gonna the same beat to it or faster
  19. jalut81


    Ok it maybe just what i'm interpreting but it seems the writer is trying to make this article more dramatised At least, this article is not painting a bad picture on Jiyeon and in turn T-ara. As what others have mentioned, T-ara is not going away anytime soon
  20. Ouch, that hip grinding against the wall tho :wub: :wub: I'm really, really glad the director of this MV decided not kill off Jiyeon :lol:
  21. I agree. "Lovey Dovey" is among the best song that T-ara have under their belt, including "Sexy Love". In fact, they have a few songs that were not promoted exclusively in their album espcially "Don't Get Married" which in my honest opinion is a better song than "Because I Know" which both of them are in the "Again" mini album
  22. Nice, it seems that it is selling better than Lead The Way mini album which was at #7 i think. Although i wonder, would the sales be higher if there was only one version instead of having the three versions (Diamond, Sapphire & Pearl). Anyways, I hope T-ara would have a big success in Japan. I wonder though, are they not going to do any promotions?
  23. It seems Hyomin is always at hand on set. It seems to me our Dino is nervous during filming the MV I'm guessing Jiyeon is doing everything by herself, she needs Hyomin around to calm her
  24. Aaaah Nice! Also Hyomin seems to be around for support <3 And I'm not really sure but it seems I don't see any ribs sticking out of Jiyeon so at least that's a good indicative sign that she's not starving herself out These pictures would be during the filming of MV last month right?
  25. Hmm interesting... WIll the new remix version of TTL be included in the Gossip Girl album?
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