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  1. I especially like the last photo. Looked like they finally finished taking photos and relaxing a bit. Jiyeon+Eunjung and Qri+Hyomin though... <3 <3
  2. Nice!! So this will be her outlook for fer upcoming solo debut?
  3. It's kinda weird seeing Burger King promoting Jiyeon. She's not eating something BK-ish exactly... Anyways, it's good to see T-ara (especially Jiyeon currently) being represented by famous brands
  4. A chair huh? Kinda reminded me of IGCBOY performance and dance... Hmm something similar to that then? Can't wait to see the MV and hear the song The short snippet sounds good. Although again I'm hoping and stressing that it won't be too overly sexy
  5. Nice!! Sounds like a ballad so should be her strong suit Think the single would be released on iTunes?
  6. Ok can't wait I'm just hoping the MV won't be TOO overly sexy.. Getting kinda tired of that them... For example Marrionette by Stellar, MV to overly sexy but song quite catchy (Sorry for ranting Off Topic)
  7. Would it be possible that a version of the Pearl cover will be in the Diamond's photobook? If that's the case then Diamond would be awesome enough already
  8. Nice!! Still can't decide on picking either diamond or sapphire edition.. I'd probably wait till at least some more new info comes out
  9. Hmm, is she gonna dance shoeless like Sunmi? This reminds me of a ballerina Whatever it is, can't wait for Jiyeon's debut
  10. At the angle the picture is showing, Qri kinda look like Seohyun
  11. Nice to see T-ara to have some time to themselves Hopefully Jiyeon is relaxing enough to prepare for her upcoming solo debut
  12. Nice! Looking forward to Jiyeon's first solo debut. Although I noticed about Hyomin debuting in May. Wouldn't that clash with T-ara's Gossip Girls promotions?
  13. Ah well, it's the same with other people as well. Especially those who put tattoos in Chinese or Japanese characters That t shirt with the "naughty words" i think she wore to go to one of the later fashion shows. But at that time she was wearing a denim (i think) jacket so the words were'nt noticable. Ah yes, the where she attended the show at Sue Comma Bonnie with Eunjung
  14. Nice! :wub: Are they there to promote or just a fan meeting? By the way, anyone notice Hyomin changed t shirts during the event? And anyone notice what was written on one of the t shirt?s I wonder if it's because of what was written on it that she changed t shirts
  15. I have listen to the full track of A-Ha, it has the right beats to follow the mellow song In the Japanese release of 'Number 9', it is one of the songs T-ara have that was good but never really promoted. Reminds of another song in Korean relase of 'Again', i think it's called 'Don't Marry'.
  16. :P :P I apologize then Miss No wonder you like to torture us guys :P
  17. Who's sitting next to Hyomin? She's wearing a jacket that has similar to Hyomin's. Are all celebrities given the same design clothes?
  18. Hmm decisions decision... In my mind, i would think the sapphire edition would be more better choice since there's more videos instead of just a special movie in diamond version. i guess have to see the deails for the movie before deciding on which one. unfortunately i can't buy both since the wifey would probably have my head for buying basically the same thing
  19. Is this from her attendance to the latest fashion show?? I think she definitely look better with minimal make up :wub:
  20. My thanks to you sir!! ^_^ Although you are probably dooming us all with all the HQ pics...
  21. Hmm. i'm suprised diamond and sapphire editions are totally different.. Now i don't know which one to get :(
  22. Nice It seems Jiyeon is trying out the adult look. Although at her midrift (abdomen) is that skin showing or is there a problem with the pictures?? And I find it impressive she has the strength to attend 2 fashion shows in one day
  23. No further words can describe how Hyomin looks, always as beautiful as ever
  24. Nice! Although in the third picture, at first glance Eunjung kinda look like Minah
  25. jalut81

    [PRESS] Est

    Nice! She sure is becoming quite a fashionista. Ans she sure has quite a line up of fashion shows to attend
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