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  1. As usual, she looks good! However, I was wondering. This is an opening of a clothes/retail shop isn't it? So how does a celeb get invited to an opening?
  2. Anyone manage to find a legal download for this song? Navigating through Naver is so confusing and iTunes haven't released the song yet, or may never release
  3. NIce!! Another song to add into my T-ara playlist :wub: This should keep me satisfied while waiting for 'Lead the Way' and Hyomin's collab with Brave Bros
  4. Lol, kinda find it appropriate response to the tweet Calm yourself man!!! Is that from stanley parable?
  5. Mind i ask where the links you mentioned are? There are some episodes i would like to update to a more nicer version
  6. Yes i totally agree. You know, this is the first proof that i"ve seen that they really are still friends, best friends even. I've been thinking for a long while whether any of the members of IY (new and old) keep in contact with each other still. I know there's been instances where Hyomin and Sunny were close during events and stuff, but don't know about outside. At least now I can see that they really are friends and keep in touch with each other Sunbyung forever!!
  7. Ah yes... This gif shall be my downfall.... And yet i won't mind one bit :wub:
  8. hey thanks! however, do you know the translated title of the song. can't read hangul
  9. guys, does anyone know the name of this song? i'm trying to find the studio version if it's available
  10. :wub: I wonder if this is for the new Japanese PV?
  11. As usual, great performance from Hyomin and Eunjung Although i was suprised Hyomin reached a high note (for her) at 3:57 or so.. I may be wrong but never heard her singing high note before.
  12. Aaah, no wonder she removed the pictures from her IG. It's used in her SURE photoshoot
  13. Ah well, at least we know how our Hyomin would like with this concept. I don't mind as much, although now she kinda look abit more masculine.
  14. Oooh, i didin't notice Eunjung's color change until the Captain mentioned it. Nice I wonder the change is for the new single coming up this Feb. But of course, Hyomin still shine first
  15. well regardless whatever the reasons and circumstances are, I always try to look on the bright side it maybe true J-Rock is trying as much as possible to get their money's worth, they at least didn't terminate the contract at the moment the scandal reared it's head. so there's s silver lining there. You know, something just come up into my head. Did the Japanese version of 'Number 9' album is released yet? Physical i meant. Maybe the new comeback would be put into that album
  16. You mean contract with J-Rock? i thought they didn't renew and CCM opened a Japanese branch?
  17. Perhaps it's for the new concept of the upcoming japanese comeback? i remembered recently Qri commented about her cheeckbones being higher from weight lose. Is it because of a lot of girl groups look thin so in a way they're tryin to level the playing field? all in all, hopefully the girls get a good enough rest so that they stay healthy. God forbid if one by one they start to loose their voice like Sooyeon btw, it seems Hyomin removed these pictures from IG. i wonder why?
  18. Well I don't know how the showbiz work there, but from what I can tell they don't have to go to variety shows and/or interviews. so that should free up some time for relaxing. I think the traveling to various sets for shows that usually takes up their time
  19. yeah the screaming fan was really really distracting. maybe next time they should reduce the sensitivity of the microphones there or turn it off, just leave it on for our ladies. and i really hope Soyeon get well soon, quire miss her singing voice
  20. They all look happy entertaining the fans. Good With this coming new year, may T-ara shine bright and entertain us with the best songs and MVs
  21. Aaahhh... As expected from Hyomin. Flawless in every way
  22. well that does it, i don't know whether i can listen to this song in public.. i would remember the MV and tear up suddenly i didn't think such a song would affect me this way, kinda like with Davichi's song Letters. good work there SEEYA and i guess good work as well Jiyeon and Hojun
  23. I think this MV is way more sadder, because you could see the boyfriend crying and keep talking like she's still alive. He even asked her to marry him and she didn;t even get to hear it... And i think people lap up tragedies like crazy, so in a way this may help push Jiyeon into the limelight more so
  24. i think she was talking about the story from the drama itself. how it relates to the scnadal that brought trouble to T-ara. I read it just now at http://www.t-araworld.net/2014/01/t-ara-hyomin-shared-her-thoughts-after.html
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