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    jalut81 reacted to craZy in [OFFICIAL] T-ara for World of Warships - 18 3840x5760 Photos (11/05)   
    [OFFICIAL] T-ara for World of Warships - 18 3840x5760 Photos (11/05)


    For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/2601-world-of-warships/



    For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/2601-world-of-warships/


    CREDIT: World of Warships + T-ara Baidu Bar + craZy + tiaradiadem.com

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    jalut81 reacted to red4summer in [15.08.03] Video - T-ara 'So Crazy' Comeback Showcase   

    Credit: T-ara Eng Sub + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

    This channel combined the 2 parts and skipped the front portion.
    Credit: arangchea_1 + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

    (150804) Finally, KoonTV updated on their YT.

    Credit: KoonTV + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    jalut81 reacted to red4summer in [15.06.20] Fancam - T-ARA Nanjing Concert   
    [15.06.20] Fancam - T-ARA Nanjing Concert

    Last Updated on 150628 1400

    (Version 1 - Close-up View)

    (Version 2 - Front View)

    Number 9


    Bo Peep Bo Peep


    Lovey Dovey


    I Go Crazy Because Of You


    Roly Poly

    Sugar Free

    Why Do You Act Like This

    Cry Cry

    Day By Day

    Nice Body (Hyomin)

    Like The First Time

    Time To Love

    Sexy Love

    1 Min 1 Sec (Jiyeon)

    I'm Good - Chinese Ver (Eunjung)

    Oh Ready Go Ready

    Falling U


    I Don't Want You

    I'm Okay

    Bye Bye

    Open Greeting

    Talk 1

    Talk 2

    Talk 3

    Talk 4

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcpftWrIRE0 (Part 1)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5VSnh2SZMk (Part 2)

    Credit: anythingaway + Now丶软软 + T-ARA丶King + Retro403 + Lam Lam (FC T-ARA VN) + BaiduTiaraBar2 + Jason Shang (T-ARA皇冠LIVE) + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    jalut81 reacted to red4summer in [15.05.19] Audio - T-ARA Little Apple (Ferry Remix) feat. Boram & Soyeon   
    [15.05.19] Audio - T-ARA Little Apple (Ferry Remix) feat. Boram & Soyeon

    Actual Link

    Credit: DJ Ferry + captainDex98 + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
    You probably have heard it by now that T-ARA is likely to do Little Apple (Ferry Remix) with Boram and Soyeon on Saturday. Though they are missing Jiyeon this time, there is high hope for a 6-member version in Nanjing in exactly one month's time (20/6). T-ARA Go!
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    jalut81 reacted to red4summer in [PICS] Easy Music World Magazine Vol. 705 May 2015 feat. T-ARA (05/10)   
    [PICS] Easy Music World Magazine Vol. 705 May 2015 feat. T-ARA (05/10)

    Previous Weibo Sharing

    Credit: Easy音乐世界 + TARABAR + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

    The scans look very familiar. Did anyone share in Diadem already? (I can't find it.) If so, please merge or delete accordingly. Thanks.
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    jalut81 reacted to vancew90 in [15.04.28] T-ara Eunjung’s unfinished tearful story on MNet 4 Things Show   
    [15.04.28] T-ara Eunjung's unfinished tearful story on MNet 4 Things Show
    T-ara’s member Eunjung will be appearing on MNet 4 Things Show and discuss about the unfinished story of that time.
    MNet’s 4 Things Show featuring T-ara's Eunjung will be broadcasted on 28 April, Tuesday at 6pm. Eunjung will be talking about her stand regarding the controversy, her daily obstacles and how she overcame them.
    Eunjung will be revealing facts about her life after debuting as a child actress 20 years ago on the TV program. Including her surprise vacation with her parents and childhood close friends, how she lost 7kg with Pilates classes, challenging herself to do floral work amidst her hectic schedules, etc. These are the different sides of Eunjung that defined her life experiences over the years.
    Eunjung said in an interview on 4 Things Show, “every time when I’m appearing on a television program, I'll always be troubled by how the public will see me, I'll think a lot about it. But this time, I’m using a more relaxed attitude and mentality.”
    “The truth that the public knows and believes, a huge part of it is not what the actual truth holds.” (Eunjung wants to say that a huge part of what the public believes in is not true and does not encapsulate even a small part of what the actual truth holds.)
    Eunjung’s heart-breaking story that has not been told on any TV program of sorts will be revealed on 4 Things Show.
    There will be a segment in the program, “Close Friends’ Perspectives of Eunjung.” It will be an interview with several close acquaintances like Eunjung’s fellow cast member Baek Sung Hyun of the drama Queen InSoo; a very close T-ara member that has been through ups and downs and many obstacles with her, Hyomin; and a fellow peer who was initially chosen to be part of T-ara and went through pre-debut trainings with her, currently a member of girl group Spica, Jiwon. All of which will be revealed on Mnet's 4 Things Show.
    Preview #1:




    Preview #2:




    Translated from Mandarin to English, translation taken from T-ara Bar.
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    jalut81 reacted to red4summer in [15.04.14] T-ARA Awards, Statistics and Reviews by YinYueTai   
    [15.04.14] T-ARA Awards, Statistics and Reviews by YinYueTai

    Top Female Artist - Korea
    Jiyeon (T-ARA)

    From a T-ARA member to a solo singer, Jiyeon transformed amazingly with "Never Ever" and appealed everyone with "1 Min 1 Sec" performance.
    Not only topping the standing, the hit song broke 4 records, and as such, Jiyeon is the undisputed winner for the Best Female Singer Award.

    Four Weeks Statistics:
    Views 866,274
    Views (via external sites) 74,363
    Favorites 69,927
    Downloads 146,537
    Reviews 39,669
    Sina Weibo 174,956
    Mobile Views 848,958
    Mobile Downloads 229,820
    Score 93.14

    Year Statistics:
    Views 1,172,910
    Views (via external sites) 120,037
    Favorites 75,225
    Downloads 186,331
    Reviews 55,376
    Sina Weibo 233,287
    Mobile Views 1,182,514
    Mobile Downloads 319,433
    Score 93.41

    Total Score: 93.23

    Hot Trend Artist Of The Year - Korea

    In 2014, TARA released a dozen of MVs and ranked in V Chart (Korean) for 48 weeks.
    In addition, it broke YinYueTai record as the first MV to hit 100 million views.
    This astonishing achievement is the proof of T-ARA popularity and the beginning of their official venture into China.
    They will be the next benchmark.

    Favorite Artist - Korea

    They are the V Chart (Korean) winners and the role model.
    Being hardworking and diligent have won them the most popularity.
    The total votes of 824,692 represents the great affection from fans.
    We hope that they can keep on improving to gain more fans with more music.

    Credit: YinYueTai + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

    More news. 1, 2
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    jalut81 reacted to red4summer in [15.03.29] Video - T-ara Danga Bay Concert   
    Full Fancam

    Credit: Elf Hanyi@YouTube + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

    Another set of fancams from another angle which has better sound.

    Sugar Free

    Number 9

    Sexy Love

    Day By Day & I Don't Want You *Image/Sound distorted at the end*

    Like The First Time

    No "Why Do You Act Like This"
    Bo Peep Bo Peep

    Roly Poly & Lovey Dovey

    Credit: Retro403@YouTube + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

    From one of the uploaders shared in the opening post by JiyeonHolic1100.

    No "Sugar Free"
    No "Number 9"
    Sexy Love

    Day By Day
    No "I Don't Want You"
    Like The First Time
    Why Do You Act Like This
    Bo Peep Bo Peep
    Roly Poly
    Lovey Dovey

    Credit: ryo maknae@YouTube + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

    I will update the list only if better fancams are found.
    Last updated on 150408: See below for more.
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    jalut81 reacted to red4summer in [15.03.23] Video - Hyomin @ 2015 F/W Seoul Fashion Week (PushButton)   
    [15.03.23] Video - Hyomin @ 2015 F/W Seoul Fashion Week (PushButton)

    Credit: SSTV + StarNews + TVDaily + StarDailyNews + RianLeeJiHyung@YouTube + As Tagged + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    jalut81 reacted to Hanguorenx in [15.03.27] T-ara Eunjung's solo debut, "Being Alone Became Comfortable"   
    [15.03.27] T-ara Eunjung's solo debut, "Being Alone Became Comfortable"

    Following Jiyeon and Hyomin, it has been revealed that Eunjung of T-ara will be the 3rd member making a solo debut.
    On March 27, T-ara's agency MBK Entertainment revealed, "Eunjung who has a different charm from Jiyeon and Hyomin, is currently preparing for a different concept from the both solo debuts earlier on."

    Eunjung's solo title track "Being Alone Became Comfortable" is produced by Double Sidekick, who also made hit tracks such as Girl's Day's "Something", Sistar's "Give It To Me" and "Loving U", as well as Leessang's "Tears".

    "Being Alone Became Comfortable" is a style that has never been showcased in any of T-ara songs thus far. Eunjung will be telling the weary state of lovers through the lyrics and put up a whole new performance never seen before.

    Eunjung's solo debut date and other details are to be revealed at a later date.

    Meanwhile, T-ara will be departing for Malaysia's Inauguration Ceremony on March 28, at 6:35PM via Incheon Airport.


    Source: Osen
    Translation by HanGuoRenx
    Chinese Translations via t-arachina.cn
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    jalut81 reacted to nathaniel in [15.03.16] T-ara to begin filming for their own six episode web-drama next month!   
    [15.03.16] T-ara to begin filming for their own six episode web-drama next month!

    MBK Entertainment will collaborate with director Cha Euntaek to create a six episode web-drama with the T-ara members to broadcast online.

    MBK Entertainment revealed to TV Daily this news today and said, "The production for the web-drama will begin in mid-April and we have distributed a high amount of funds to it. The six T-ara members will appear along six popular actors which is currently being finalized in secrecy. Additionally, there will be six OSTs produced for each episode."

    Cha Euntaek has worked extensively with MBK Entertainment in the past and was in charge of directing a variety of music videos for SG Wannabe, Lee Miyeon, Lee Hyori and T-ara - including "Cry Cry", "Roly-Poly" and "Day by Day". These music videos were commonly around 20-minutes around and included top stars like Cha Seungwon and Ji Changwook.

    T-ara members have proven themselves outside of music in various drama and films so acting will be natural for them.

    The production begins in April for the six T-ara members and six male actors web-drama and will also be available in China.
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    jalut81 reacted to ily_shannon in [AD/PROMO+IG] Eunjung for John Peters New York(03/13)   
    [AD/PROMO+IG] Eunjung for John Peters New York(03/13)


    Credit: John Peters New York Site + ily_shannon + tiaradiadem

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    jalut81 reacted to asah_ara2472 in [IG] Qri's Instagram Update (03/10)   
    #코엑스 범석오빠가 이거 다 사줌. 우리 돼지되라규>.< #시간없음#스피드흡입 #꿀꿀 #다마싯어 #큰일 #배터짐 # @generalideanewyork@han_bling_ @qtfreet



    CR: qtfreet + asah_ara2472 + tiaradiadem

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    jalut81 reacted to craZy in Vote T-ara for reality show MBC Every1's Showtime! + Tutorial   
    The newest idols to appear on MBC's Every1 Showtime is up to your choice! Previously, the show followed groups such as EXO, B2ST, APink and Sistar. Let's make the T-ara the next in line! MBC is allowing us to vote for the next idols to have their own reality show. Follow this simple tutorial on how to vote for T-ara.
    First of all, register on MBC Plus via here and not to worry, registrations in English! http://member.mbcplus.com/User/RegistForAbroadMember.aspx
    After you have registered and logged in, visit the following page: http://www.mbcplus.com/every1/audience/request.html
    At the bottom corner, click the black 글쓰기 button to write your post.
    For the title, write 티아라 쇼타임 and in the body 티아라 쇼타임 요청합니다. Once ready, click the black 등록 button on he bottom to submit your post. You're done!
    It's been a while since T-ara had their own show, the last being Princess T-ara which ended in late 2013. So let's spread the word and do our best Queen's!
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    jalut81 reacted to asah_ara2472 in [T-ARAHolic] Alarm,Pictures and Sounds 2nd Release (03/09)   
    [Alarm pictures&sounds, 2nd Release Event] 
    New T-ARA alarm pictures&sounds are released ><
    The new semester has started!
    Listen to T-ara's voices, get a deep sleep and become an early riser~ 
    The lucky winner can get the 2015 T-ARA calendar and T-ARA alarm set! 

    **How to Join: 
    STEP1. Join or login TARA HOLIC app 
    STEP2. Write on TARA HOLIC nickname, tag your friends in comment box 
    ex. holiclove(nickname) @your friends
    STEP3. Share the event! 

    *If you don't know your TARA HOLIC's nickname? 
    Please refer to the event image~ 

    1st Prize: 2015 T-ARA calendar, Alarm set for one
    (All pictures and sounds of T-ARA Alarm & Sleep) 
    2nd Prize: Unlock Alarm+Sleep Reserve feature for two
    3rd Prize: + 600 candies for three

    Event Period: 2015.03.09~03.15 
    Winner Announcement: 2015.03.17 

    The prizes will be given on 19 Mar.

    *If the winner already has alarm feature? 
    We will provide the proportional candy. 

    #TARAHOLIC free download : www.tara-holic.com 


    终于增加了新的T-ARA闹钟图片及铃声 ><
    获得一等奖的人, 2015年T-ARA台历和T-ARA闹钟套装全都是你的啦! 

    1. 注册或者登录TARA HOLIC应用 
    2. 在回复空间里写下TARA HOLIC昵称,@朋友 
    例如: holiclove(昵称) @朋友
    3. 转发活动就完啦! 


    一等奖: 2015年T-ARA台历, 闹钟套装, 1名 
    二等奖: 闹钟+设定就寝时间功能, 2名 
    三等奖: 加600个糖果, 3名 

    活动时间: 2015年3月9日~3月15日 
    获奖公布时间: 2015年3月17日 


    *如果中奖者已经有闹钟功能的话, 会提供相应的糖果。 

    TARAHOLIC 免费下载 : www.tara-holic.com


    [티아라알람 2차 사진&사운드 오픈 이벤트] 
    새로운 티아라 알람 사진과 사운드가 추가되었습니다 ><
    새학기에는 티아라와 함께 깊은 숙면, 부지런한 아침을 시작해 보아요~ 
    1등 당첨자에게는 2015 티아라 캘린더와 티아라 알람 세트를 모두 드립니다! 

    STEP1.TARA HOLIC 앱 회원가입 or 로그인 
    STEP2. 게시물 댓글창에 홀릭 닉네임 적고 친구 태깅 
    댓글 예시: holiclove(닉네임) @친구
    STEP3. 이벤트를 공유하면 끝! 

    *홀릭 닉네임을 모르겠다면? 이벤트 이미지를 참고하세요~ 

    1등: 1명, 2015 캘린더, 티아라 알람 세트 
    (알람,취침예약기능,모든 알람사진,사운드)
    2등: 2명, 알람+취침예약 기능만 오픈 
    3등: 3명, 600 캔디 

    이벤트 기간: 2015년 3월9일~3월15일 
    당첨자 발표: 2015년 3월17일 

    모든 상품은 2015년 3월19일에 지급됩니다.

    *만약 상품 당첨자가 이미 알람기능을 갖고 있다면 이에 상응하는 캔디를 드립니다. 

    #티아라홀릭 다운로드 : www.tara-holic.com
    CR: T-ARAHolic + asah-ara2472 + tiaradiadem
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    jalut81 reacted to red4summer in [15.02.21] Video - T-ARA Lunar New Year Mango Interview @ Hunan TV   
    [15.02.21] Video - T-ARA Lunar New Year Mango Interview @ Hunan TV

    Credit: Hunan TV + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    jalut81 reacted to red4summer in [AD/PROMO] T-ARA for Celucasn Clothing (02/22) (UPDATED)   
    Twitter Update 02/23

    Credit: chesskidgaf Twitter + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    jalut81 reacted to JiyeonHolic1100 in [AD/PROMO] T-ARA for Celucasn Clothing (02/22) (UPDATED)   
    Update 02/23 






    Cr.  ParkWanaPJY + Timetoloveee@twitter + JiyeonHolic1100 + tiaradiadem

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    jalut81 reacted to red4summer in [AD/PROMO] T-ARA for Celucasn Fashion & Clothing (02/09) - UPDATED   
    A sneak peek at the promotional video and the photoshoot.

    Credit: 七师傅吧 + T-ARA忠粉 + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    jalut81 reacted to red4summer in [AD/PROMO] T-ARA for Celucasn Fashion & Clothing (02/09) - UPDATED   
    [AD/PROMO] T-ARA for Celucasn Fashion & Clothing (02/09)

    The brand - 潮流前线

    Credit: 圆圆酱 + 小南 + 七师傅吧 + red4summer + ily_shannon + TiaraDiadem

    I remember sharing something about this endorsement in Diadem some time ago but I can't it today. Anyway, all 6 members are involved.

    Updated on 16/2: Found the thread.
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    jalut81 reacted to red4summer in [FANTAKEN] Eunjung, Hyomin & Jiyeon @ Incheon Airport (01/17)   
    [FANTAKEN] Eunjung, Hyomin & Jiyeon @ Incheon Airport (01/17)

    Credit: Amytilak's Weibo + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

    The three were spotted this morning without any staffs around them. They should be on a non-official trip.
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    jalut81 reacted to red4summer in [15.01.10] Video - T-ARA @ Vietnam Fanmeet   
    [15.01.10] Video - T-ARA @ Vietnam Fanmeet

    Fancams (Last updated on 150116 1400KST)

    Full (Recommended)

    Full (2)

    Bo Peep Bo Peep


    Roly Poly
    + Talk

    Lovey Dovey
    + Ending

    Roly Poly + Lovey Dovey
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib0WuQW4XyE (Recommended)

    Time To Love

    Sexy Love
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkWwWfte2Zk (Recommended)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AaPbZwbaz0 (Recommended)

    Number 9

    Sugar Free

    Number 9 + Sugar Free
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7R4Y2NfFic (Recommended)



    Video Clip 1

    Video Clip 2


    Credit: Nguyễn Ngọc Thảo Nguyên/zô cảm piny/Trang Nguyen/. NiceVid/MrTruong80VietSub/Hoàng Nam Nguyễn/Tien Nguyen/kejbo kang/yali tan/justGiGi/Lê Thanh Lâm/Krystal Le/Ngân Hà Võ/Choung Touch/Doan Jake/HOT6 TV Vietnam@YouTube + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    jalut81 reacted to JiyeonHolic1100 in [FANTAKEN] T-ara at the Fanmeeting in Vietnam (01/10)   
    More of Flawless Jiyeon ! 







    Back to EunYeon !!





    Cr. KioJJ@twitter + KocBo211 + JiyeonHolic1100 + tiaradiadem

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    jalut81 reacted to red4summer in [FANTAKEN] T-ara at the Fanmeeting in Vietnam (01/10)   
    The best fantaken photo from yesterday. LOLOL

    Credit: FerNFocuXP + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

    Images are from the press is good enough and hence I shall not share those taken from fans. There are too many images, so thanks to Dognybba & JiyeonHolic1100 for compiling the images. It's time consuming.
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    jalut81 reacted to JiyeonHolic1100 in [FANTAKEN] T-ara at the Fanmeeting in Vietnam (01/10)   
    Cr. KocBo211 + Heat153.5°C + nasujpida + JiyeonHolic1100 + tiaradiadem

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