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  1. yg gg mah apa di mata sm.

  2. RT @royalohsehun: LIGHTSTICKS (2) GIVEAWAY - RT to enter - worldwide - 1 winner - read for more details! - will include a surprise gift ~…

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  6. RT @conserBAEtive: RT GIVEAWAY! ?NO NEED TO FOLLOW ?Ends on her birthday ?Open worldwide ?Announcement of winner on 4/2 https://t.co/4a3z…

  7. RT @pristinverse: PRISTIN COVERED BAD BOY I’M SCREAMING SO HARD RN https://t.co/HiQsp9f1I2

  8. RT @shattuckstmarys: Congratulations to former SSM student Wendy Shon and Red Velvet on an incredible Winter Olympics performance. https://…

  9. RT @kaerevel: oh my god irene went down there doing joy’s part wearing that leather pants .... hell yes https://t.co/uwFDp7wZdk

  10. RT @baetoujours: Baeby dropped the album ? so cute https://t.co/h3q8SXAXYJ

  11. RT @RVsmtown: #레드벨벳 '#BadBoy' Opening Title #RedVelvet #ThePerfectRedVelvet https://t.co/Mv9hHK4T9i

  12. RT @_HeavenDelight_: [PSA] D-90 minutes until NCT's Night Night which will star #Wendy . It's a viewable radio and I will be translating l…

  13. RT @RVsmtown: #레드벨벳(#RedVelvet) 'LEVEL UP Project Season 2' EP 01   https://t.co/TN6YkqFvxl

  14. RT @steveaoki: Rest in Paradise Jonghyun ?

  15. RT @yuk0731: 여러분께 사실 숨겨두었던 제 여자친구를 소개시켜 드릴께요...내사랑 예림이 이젠 숨기지 않겠어!!?#절친#커플 https://t.co/HDCf3NGDOB

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