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  1. @misshabit I have 2... the words Love and Fear written in Norse runes... I want to get another one of a phoenix som… https://t.co/dCQOHpJhJ3

  2. RT @TMobile: You’ve got two thumbs. RT and you (& your +1) could hit the red carpet for @DeadpoolMovie in NYC from #TMobileTuesdays. https:…

  3. @misshabit I like green!

  4. @Arekkz https://t.co/FepKhZwpS2

  5. RT @chong602: #Jiyeon’s 2018 Calendar #GIVEAWAY -Follow + RT to enter -1 winner? -This is an International Giveaway ? - Fully paid ??‍♀️…

  6. RT @Crunchyroll: ⭐️ Crunchyroll 2017 Holiday Entertainment Bundle Sweepstakes ⭐️ RT for a chance to win this entertainment system & anime…

  7. To celebrate Cloud in @FFBE_EN, RetroZone is giving away all new Echo's! #coinstoppableiscoming https://t.co/Qh0E6PUSxs #giveaway

  8. @TMobile @SamsungMobileUS The Earth from DragonBall Z #HolidayTWOgether #Contest

  9. @TiffanyJoAllen Is it a full dress kind of thing or just like a shirt? Anyway it looks good on you and I really like the color

  10. @tiaradiadem Nice! I've always wanted another Qri solo song...

  11. @TiffanyJoAllen That's creepy... I just finished making a cheesecake for my sisters birthday today

  12. @VampyBitme You can trust me, I don't lie... Well... At least not good enough to actually fool anyone...

  13. @TiffanyJoAllen it makes me mad when there's that tough stain and I have to soak the dish... I NEED IT CLEAN NOW

  14. RT @tiaradiadem: We're giving away any one item, $20 or under, from our shop! All you have to do is love T-ara & retweet this tweet! https:…

  15. @TiffanyJoAllen Even though I have to work my weekends is going alright. How's yours?

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