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  1. Cap'n you know you're the best, right?Minkyul gosh arjouhafs my goddesses
  2. Minkyul is shining in here. The part where Qri takes off her glasses gives me life
  3. Happy birthdayto u~ Happy birthday to u~

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    2. HeraldC


      Happy birthday to you <3

    3. HeraldC


      Seriously, happy birthday, nerd. send me pics of the cake, okay? Have a good one!

    4. Kamisa


      Ilyz ill send pics theres nothing besides huge ass cupcakes. Getting some korean bbq for dinner tho. Ty bby ijlyz ilyzilyz

  4. Mwuahahhaa! I knew it would be gone within a day. Good thinking buying it. Even though i have a feeling that there will be more goods selling in the goods store. (It's all going to be limited edition and all the rich fans are going to buy it, filling ccm's coffers with numerous businessmen cackling in the back)@herald are we going to get a mirror thrown at us though?
  5. Darn kids. I was contemplating about it with you and then we both bought it. We're such sore losers. Wheres our money now? Hyom-oppar, are you even going to be there when i wrap my firstborn child in your shirt?
  6. Uwahh you guys are great. But RIP i still wait for the day that theres a Hyomin makeup signed album.
  7. That third pic. Hyomin thats selfcest. Rip fansigns and international fans just want a signed album ;3;
  8. Me! Me! Oh boy me! Tekken fight against Boram let it happen CCM.
  9. Old Username (Name you login with): Kamisa New User Name: Kamisa Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/27120-official-hyomin-solo-thread/?p=456887 Donor: No
  10. That's great and all - but I can't read the numbers. I think it's the holidays that made me so dumb but how do I read 1,0113,067,000 Woooo! Go t-ara! The Chinese army is growing. We shall overtake other lands easily.
  11. [14.07.01] Video - Jiyeon - Trouble Maker @ SBS MTV The Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kPShkX364M *** Credit : shu35150510 @ Youtube
  12. One of the songs in her album that she made with Taewoon.
  13. [14.06.30] Video - Hyomin '담(談,膽) Overcome' Live *** Credit: xyokz c @ youtube
  14. Ah this is my same reaction as the first time I heard Never Ever! I'll be back in a few days guys. I'll be fan girling then!
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