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  1. Cap'n you know you're the best, right?Minkyul gosh arjouhafs my goddesses
  2. Minkyul is shining in here. The part where Qri takes off her glasses gives me life
  3. Mwuahahhaa! I knew it would be gone within a day. Good thinking buying it. Even though i have a feeling that there will be more goods selling in the goods store. (It's all going to be limited edition and all the rich fans are going to buy it, filling ccm's coffers with numerous businessmen cackling in the back)@herald are we going to get a mirror thrown at us though?
  4. Darn kids. I was contemplating about it with you and then we both bought it. We're such sore losers. Wheres our money now? Hyom-oppar, are you even going to be there when i wrap my firstborn child in your shirt?
  5. Uwahh you guys are great. But RIP i still wait for the day that theres a Hyomin makeup signed album.
  6. That third pic. Hyomin thats selfcest. Rip fansigns and international fans just want a signed album ;3;
  7. Me! Me! Oh boy me! Tekken fight against Boram let it happen CCM.
  8. Old Username (Name you login with): Kamisa New User Name: Kamisa Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/27120-official-hyomin-solo-thread/?p=456887 Donor: No
  9. That's great and all - but I can't read the numbers. I think it's the holidays that made me so dumb but how do I read 1,0113,067,000 Woooo! Go t-ara! The Chinese army is growing. We shall overtake other lands easily.
  10. [14.07.01] Video - Jiyeon - Trouble Maker @ SBS MTV The Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kPShkX364M *** Credit : shu35150510 @ Youtube
  11. One of the songs in her album that she made with Taewoon.
  12. [14.06.30] Video - Hyomin '담(談,膽) Overcome' Live *** Credit: xyokz c @ youtube
  13. Ah this is my same reaction as the first time I heard Never Ever! I'll be back in a few days guys. I'll be fan girling then!
  14. The solo debut went well for her. So happy that she's going to continue appearing in this drama. Who knows, maybe she'll get more roles like HD has said, the air is getting better for her right now.
  15. Wooo! 3 days then! Can't wait. Especially if it's a composed song w/ Taewoon.. Excited excited! Busy holidays indeed.
  16. I'm excited but like HC said, the car part reminds me of Blurred Lines. Too much butt shots I don't know what to do. I think I need to look away for a second.
  17. I think my dead heart just revived and died again. I'm pretty sure everybody is really super duper excited for the song dannnng photos. On another note my ipad is being perverted, i tried to use one of the photos as my lock and home screen but its focusing on Hyomin's boobs in landscape mode.
  18. @Zelo but does that stop anybody? Some people are saying that it's like Miley Cyrus's 23. CCM is pretty sneaky in terms of using Teasers so i'm not going to assume too much haha. Anyways - RIP my heart.
  19. She'll do well on the show. I think this is the show that Kwanghee from ZE:A unashamedly admitted that he watched porn everyday? We're going to have to cover the eyes and ears of our younger members.
  20. *** Credit: @B89530 (Hyomin's Twitter) + kamisa +Tiaradiadem
  21. Thought I followed it but i've been so out of it today so sorry about that. ... SO out of it that I thought you actually meant her body.
  22. [14.06.02] Info - Hyomin "Nice Body" Solo Teaser Hyomin's first step as a solo!!! She looks stylish in mixing and matching of black dress, high-top sneakers, and snapback hat~ What do you think? She will come back with Braver Bro's song "NICE BODY" Please wait a bit more!! ^^ 효민양이 솔로로 첫 발을 내딛었습니다!!! 블랙드레스와 하이탑 운동화, 스냅백을 믹스매치해 스타일리쉬한 패션을 완성 시켰는데요~ 어떤가요? 작곡가 용감한 형제와 함께한 타이틀 곡 "NICE BODY" 조금만 기다려주세요!! ^^ *** Credit : Official T-ara Facebook Not sure if it was meant to be in photos or latest updates
  23. Mason is going to be handsome when he's older... Whats the possibility of a t-ara moon brothers reunion? Its so cool that Jiyeon saw Mason again.
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