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    Kamisa got a reaction from CptFantasy in [14.11.24] Video - T-ara and Chopstick Brothers 'Little Apple' MV   
    Cap'n you know you're the best, right?Minkyul gosh arjouhafs my goddesses
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    Kamisa reacted to CptFantasy in [14.11.24] Video - T-ara and Chopstick Brothers 'Little Apple' MV   
    I made a gif that is relevant to MinKyul interests. 
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    Kamisa got a reaction from DiyanLovesT-ara in [14.11.24] Video - T-ara and Chopstick Brothers 'Little Apple' MV   
    Minkyul is shining in here. The part where Qri takes off her glasses gives me life
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    Kamisa got a reaction from CptFantasy in [14.11.24] Video - T-ara and Chopstick Brothers 'Little Apple' MV   
    Minkyul is shining in here. The part where Qri takes off her glasses gives me life
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    Kamisa reacted to ily_shannon in [14.11.24] Video - T-ara and Chopstick Brothers 'Little Apple' MV   
    [14.11.24] Video - T-ara and Chopstick Brothers 'Little Apple' MV




    Credit: T-ara Official Youtube

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    Kamisa got a reaction from Rose Lily in [SPAZZ] T-ara fans, where are you from?   
    I haven't posted here yet have I?
    Oh well i'm from Australia. I only have one friend who likes t-ara but not a full on fan :c
    So much people from Indonesia here x.x
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    Kamisa got a reaction from HeraldC in [SPAZZ] Your Own Female Santa In T-ara   
    In which i'm the 'Mommy' in this situation -

    Hyomin or Qri. 
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    Kamisa reacted to CptFantasy in [T-ARAholic] Hyomin's Shirts Updates (10/06)   
    UPDATE: Hyomin's t-shirts are completely sold out according to T-ARAholic's Goods Store. 
    Congratulations to those who got one!
    Non-T-ARA stuff in spoiler

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    Kamisa reacted to HeraldC in [T-ARAholic] Hyomin's Shirts Updates (10/06)   
    Oh, you know A-yeon? Cool. Cool. We can totally be buddies now. *write you up on bro list*
    Btw, who is Y and what did she lost? o.O
    Nope. Probably not. Wanna go scream "OPPAR NOTICE ME" together whislt she's around? It'll make you feels better. d()
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    Kamisa got a reaction from HeraldC in [T-ARAholic] Hyomin's Shirts Updates (10/06)   
    Darn kids. I was contemplating about it with you and then we both bought it. We're such sore losers. Wheres our money now? Hyom-oppar, are you even going to be there when i wrap my firstborn child in your shirt?
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    Kamisa reacted to Rose Lily in Sugar Free (English ver.)   
    I actually really liked the lyrics for this. They made a lot of sense, even if the pronunciation wasn't great and it took me and Chaos several hours to decipher some of it. >.<
    Yay though!!!
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    Kamisa reacted to CptFantasy in [SPAZZ] Should T-ara postpone their comeback?   
    No other groups have postponed any part of their schedules but they acknowledge the tragedy and pay their respects.
    Taewoon from SPEED made a controversial but cogent tweet the other day.
    He was upset that people were buying Ladies' Code to try to get them to #1 after Eunb died. Certainly it was a kind hearted gesture from fans but Taewoon's critique was that people weren't paying much attention to Ladies' Code before the tragic accident despite the good music they were making.
    He emphasized the importance of celebrating the ones who are with us today in this moment.
    Just because T-ARA's comeback is less than a week away doesn't mean that T-ARA and Queen's don't mourn the passing of Eunb and RiSe.

    Eunjung, Jisook and RiSe @ Idol Athletic Championships
    It's important to pay respect to those who are no longer with us but it's also important to show love to those who are here now. The two acts are not mutually exclusive. We'll remember RiSe and Eunb for the music they made and the joy they brought to their fans as we hope for the surviving victims' swift healing and recovery.
    We'll also love T-ARA and support them as much as we possibly can.
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    Kamisa reacted to nathaniel in [14.08.26] T-ara look chic and stylish in their jacket photo shoot for upcoming mini-album!   
    On the 26th, T-ara's agency Core Contents Media has revealed brand new photos from the shooting scene of T-ara's jacket image photo shoot.
    T-ara will appear with a new chic and trendy image by introducing the specific EDM genre of Big room to their listeners with a Shinsadong Tiger-produced song. In addition, T-ara will once again come out with an exciting dance choreography that is easy to follow along with.

    In the past, T-ara has received a lot of love with their dance trends of cat dance, retro dance, shuffle dance, and robot dance. This time they plan to have a new fun and exciting dance.
    T-ara is still preparing for their September 11th comeback which is about two weeks away.
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    Kamisa reacted to vancew90 in [IG] Hyomin Instagram Updates (08/18)   
    Caption: 대포랑 아침 #Milano

    Credit: Park Hyomin (@hyominnn) + tiaradiadem + vancew90
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    Kamisa got a reaction from CptFantasy in [VOTE] 2014 Mwave K-Pop Star World Championship   
    Mmm yes good.
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    Kamisa reacted to CptFantasy in [T-ARA Holic] Soyeon Update (07/29)   
    벌써 5년
    5년동안 저 수 많은 빛들 중 ‘티아라’라는 빛만 늘 쫒아왔네요.. 언제까지나 ‘티아라’라는 저 빛을 밝혀주세요..
    그 빛만 믿고 따라갈께요..!
    사랑합니다 ㅡ

    [TRANS] 5 years already
    during those 5 years I’ve always only chased after the light saying ‘T-ARA’ out of those so many lights.. Please forever light up that light saying ‘T-ARA’.. I will trust that light only and follow after it ..! I love youㅡ

    CR: Park Soyeon + T-ARAzone@tumblr + T-ARAholic + CpyFantasy + tiaradiadem
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    Kamisa got a reaction from HeraldC in [VOTE] 2014 Mwave K-Pop Star World Championship   
    Wheres the flag, we need to put it on top of all the (dead bodies) fallen groups in this tournament.
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    Kamisa got a reaction from CptFantasy in [VOTE] 2014 Mwave K-Pop Star World Championship   
    Wheres the flag, we need to put it on top of all the (dead bodies) fallen groups in this tournament.
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    Kamisa reacted to HeraldC in [VOTE] 2014 Mwave K-Pop Star World Championship   
    Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the champion!

    A.K.A not your group! LMAO. Good Job Queen's
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    Kamisa got a reaction from HeraldC in [EVENT] 'Make Up' Fansign event in Ilsan (07/27)   
    That third pic. Hyomin thats selfcest.
    Rip fansigns and international fans just want a signed album ;3;
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    Kamisa reacted to Dognybba in [EVENT] 'Make Up' Fansign event in Ilsan (07/27)   
    [EVENT] 'Make Up' Fansign event in Ilsan (07/27)

    cr.: dispatch + newsen + sportchosun + VicoleHeakiii + Dognybba + tiaradiadem.com


    man, laughed so hard when I saw the 3rd pic she shouldn't feel embarassed though, she has such a nice abs :3
    and the pic with that dog :3~~~
    vicoleheakiii has a bunch of nice photos, they're all in the gallery too

    I'll be updating this thread and gallery as soon as I find new pics

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    Kamisa got a reaction from HeraldC in [SPAZZ/POLL] Huggable T-ara Members   
    Is this meant to be a trick question.
    Of course it's Boram hands down.
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    Kamisa got a reaction from phucth91 in [SPAZZ/POLL] Huggable T-ara Members   
    Is this meant to be a trick question.
    Of course it's Boram hands down.
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    Kamisa reacted to CptFantasy in [INFO] T-ARA Believes The Difficult Times Have Passed (13.10.23)   
    On October 21, seven reporters sat drinking sips of fresh juice kindly ordered by T-ara’s agency, waiting for the girls to come in. The girls came in at 4 pm (GMT +9) with bright smiles and friendly waves and began handing us their signed CDs in person. They all looked lovely in their stylish outfits that didn’t seem to scream out ‘too much’ and smiled shyly as they sat down facing the reporters. The reporters sat directly across from the members, only a small coffee table between us, which made the interview much more intimate. During the interview the girls shed tears as they shared their personal stories.

    Right to left: Hyomin, Soyeon, Qri, Boram, Jiyeon, Eunjung

    Q: Why do you think T-ara has been getting so much criticism?
    (Eunjung): Whatever someone says, there is a reason for that, and I think we get such criticism because, regardless of whether those rumors were true or not, there was a kernel of truth in them. I think we must strive to be even better.
    (Hyomin): There was a lot of interest in everything about us, whether big or small, and the people who loved us got disappointed. We do think that was our fault and nothing we do can reverse that. I think it is right for us to acknowledge we were naive and reckless, and must strive to do better.

    (Eunjung): We wanted to explain ourselves quickly, but we couldn’t and I think maybe that’s why this issue still remains. We were frustrated, too. We tried to think of a way, any way, to explain our side, and we thought we should not try to explain with words, but actions.

    Q: You were well-loved but now it’s different. Isn’t that hard to cope with?
    (Soyeon): I think the really difficult times are past and now we’re more grateful and happier with the small stuff. Before this issue came up, it wasn’t unnatural for us to be waiting for a first prize, but after that problem we were saddened by the reduced interest and support for us. Now we’re just thankful for being a contender for the top place. I think our recent win was more delightful than ever.

    (Jiyeon): Same for me as well, I realized a lot and learned a lot. I learned to be thankful for even the small, trivial things.

    Q: Apparently the rumors spread even faster because one of you had a bad reputation. What do you think of this?
    (Eunjung): I think we might have been arrogant kids. We did as we felt and thought, and so, regardless of whether we really meant to be bad, people thought of us that way. Now, I think we’re wiser and more experienced, and can portray ourselves as better people than we were.

    Q: Do you think it’s time to make a fresh, new start?
    (Hyomin): It would be nice if there was a clear-cut way to make our image positive again, but we don’t know. I think all we can do is to do everything with sincerity. In the past, our boss was like a tiger teacher and a fearsome father, but that incident took away his confidence and instead of advising us, he just suggested we do our best together for this album.

    Q: There were some changes to your lineup. Can you tell us about that?

    (Eunjung): We don’t have any authority to choose our members, and that’s all up to our agency and the boss. Of course, we didn’t want to change members. We never even mentioned wanting a change. We were hurt by the changes, but we’re in the position of carrying out the tasks set before us, so we just did our best.

    Q: Do your overseas fans treat you better than your Korean fans?
    (Eunjung): They’re all very warm and sympathetic to us. I’m so grateful they came together, even after that issue, to protect us—I think we became even closer after that.

    Q: How about your idol friends? How did they react to your comeback?
    (Soyeon): We had good colleagues with us, but we were the ones being careful. We used to be such good friends, but after the unfortunate incident, we were introverted and guarded to avoid harming others because of our image. Even when they approached us, we couldn’t help but feel sorry. Thankfully, our friends told us there was no need to be like that, that they still liked us, and we were so grateful about that. We’re still sorry, though.

    Q: Soyeon, you’re boyfriend used to have a good image. Any comments?
    (Soyeon): I’m so sorry about that. But he’s such a sincere and good person, that instead of worrying about himself, he worries constantly about me.

    Q: How do you think you’re doing so well, even after the incident?
    (Soyeon): I think that although we don’t hit home runs all the time, we have been blessed with good people around us. I think a sign of this blessing are the good people who write songs and make choreography for us.

    Q: What do you think about acting?
    (Eunjung): We all received acting training—we kept our skills current and wanted to put it to use, but I think we can only do it if we get the chance—and we’re in the position of having to be cast, so I think if we train a lot and wait, we will eventually get a chance to meet you at our best on-screen. I’m not anxious. I’m just waiting for the time.

    Q: In the past, you had a very busy schedule, and that can be tiring and frustrating. It’s possible your bad image came from this unintended frustration. Do you think this vicious cycle will repeat again?
    (Eunjung): Before that issue, we considered our schedule to be just that—a schedule. But now everything is an opportunity and we’re more responsible than before.
    (Hyomin): It’s a busy schedule for everyone and it’s something all idols are doing, so although we used to grumble—I don’t think anyone is doing that now.
    (Eunjung): If there’s a member who acts like that, we’re going to have a word with her, of course. (the girls laugh)

    Q: Would you say your team is in harmony now?
    (Eunjung): We’re very harmonious now. We all think the same and want the same, so now we can tell what the other is thinking with just a glance.

    Q: Your new album was made in difficult circumstances. Were your mental attitudes any different this time around?
    Eunjung and Soyeon
    (Soyeon): I think that, naturally, we and our boss were different from before. Previously, what we wanted was are songs to be a hit, to rank number ones. Basically, we wanted success after success. When preparing our albums there was always a small greedy wish in it, but I think that changed for this album. This time all we wanted was to be loved. Thankfully, we had an unexpectedly positive response. Even our boss wasn’t confident that this album would be a hit—we became more mature and made a more sincere effort. Our boss was always more confident than we, but this time he was the more anxious one. He had a hand in everything, including the albums and costumes.
    (Eunjung): This time, our boss treated us like a newbie agency talking to newbie singers. He told us to go wherever anyone called for us. (smiling)

    Q: Did you feel anxious when other girl groups came out with new performances and new concept?
    (Eunjung): All we thought about was whether people would like our style of music. We wanted the people to listen to the song and think ‘T-ara.’ Rather than feeling anxious because of other girl groups, we focused on keeping our type of music and to have people love our music.
    (Soyeon): Honestly, I did envy other girls. While other girl groups tried out unconventional and new concepts, we were very cautious of everything. We thought that it wasn’t the right time to try something new. We hoped that anyone, even one person could be waiting for T-ara’s music, which is what we focused on as we prepared for the comeback.
    (Hyomin): Rather than wanting new attention, we chose to comeback with a similar type of music for the fans who kept their support all these times.

    Q: Did you have a say in choosing the double title tracks for this album?
    (Eunjung): No, the double titles were chosen by our boss. It was chosen 3 days before our comeback! (laugh) I thought it was going to be “Number Nine” only.

    Qri, Hyomin, Boram, Jiyeon

    Q: I heard this cafe is run by one of the member’s family?
    (Eunjung): Yes, that’s me. My mom owns this cafe. This is a 24 hour cafe so please feel free to stay here as long as you want! (everyone laughs)

    Q: Where have you been in Europe? Do you know that you have fans in Europe?
    (Soyeon): We’ve been to France, Swiss, and Italy. The first time we landed at the airport, we were amazed that some of the people recognized us! To be greeted by fans from across the continents was amazing. It’s been 2 years since the last visit and we would love to visit there again!

    Q: Is there anything you hope for?
    (Eunjung): Honestly, we can’t ask for more. Our music is ranking quite high on music charts, to our surprise! Also, we were nominated for 1st place yesterday as well. That’s more than enough for us. We are trying our best step by step.
    (Soyeon): I think keeping our place and being loved steadily, are the hardest thing. We don’t want to disappoint our remaining fans but we do want to feel people’s genuine love and encouraging applause once again if and ever we win something.
    (Hyomin): Coming back after a year felt such a long time for us. Before we were always doing something, releasing several new songs or mini albums in a year. But after coming back after a long break, it feels like we’ve all become much more stable in mind and body. This is a side note but, if possible, I would like to do camping with the fans!

    Q: What would you like to say to your members?
    (Jiyeon): I just want to say that I’m always thankful to them. (with tears)
    (Hyomin): We’ve been together for 5 years as T-ara, and lived together even before the debut so 7 years in total. We are like family. After experiencing all kinds of things together, we’ve come to depend on each other. I’m always thankful to the members for sharing their hearts and purposes as one group even after going through the tough times. Especially, the older members takes care of the younger ones so well. I want us to be T-ara for a long time.
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    Kamisa got a reaction from CptFantasy in [VOTE] 2014 Mwave K-Pop Star World Championship   
    What!? Super junior is ahead now what the hell.
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