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  1. whooaaa~ so cool!! hehe.. i'll try my luck here anyways~ Congratz to our girls!!! ) HAPPY 5th YEAR to our girls!! #티아라5주년축하해
  2. Old Username: grimangel07 New Username: grimangel07 Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/27346-140630-video-hd-hyomin-nice-body-mv/?p=456717 Donor: No :'D
  3. I LOVE... EVERYTHING ... and for the MV.. i thought it would be like super sexy but yeah... Thank God~ just right.. Whoaaaaa~~ I hve a good feeling about this Hyo's going to have a great solo comeback NICE BODY FIGHTING~~ HYOMIN FIGHTING~~ T-ARA, FIGHTING~!!! (heee, that "fat" girl is Hyo? kyakyakya sooo adorable x) )
  4. daebak.. that,, Eunjung... how can u still get that x) nyahahaha~ they all look happy, so i'm good with it ) heee~ the awkward couple *sobs and my Eunyeon couple + SsoRam couple.. ahhhh.. my couple fantasies~~
  5. whoa~ ♪Oh I don't know what to do...♪ kyawaa~~ but the MV.. sheesh.. just added some few new clips then there it is.. Jap MV x) anyways, still love this ♪Oh I don't know what to do...Oh I don't know what to do...♪
  6. i can't help but to tear-up while reading this... ;A; our girls have gone through a lot but look at how they face those with a definite smile.. even though deep inside, they wanted to cry out loud, they still mask their faces so that we, the fans they treasured the most, would not worry for them. i really really respect them (T-ara)... Tbh, they were role models for me... withstanding those kind of problems were not a joke (specially on their profession).. sometimes, I get inspiration from them when i experience some difficulties and believe me, they never fail to make me smile and feel better. later on. -- this made a big impact for me and I am agreeing with this... -- after reading this.. I can't help but to display a motherly smile for them, remembering those variety shows they have appeared on and fearlessly showing their dorky, weird, playful sides... This characteristics of them is one of the reason why I fall in love with T-ara... ♥♥♥ I'm very proud to be called Queens proud of them being my Idols... I am and will always be their fan no matter what... 5years, 10years, 20years, etc.. from now on The sun is rising for T-ara again.. I'm wishing them all the best~ Stay Strong til the end... T-ara fighting~!! ♥ ==whoaa~ reading this kind of mature words were very refreshing~ Good job for the one who answers the question (idk if it is only Eunjung or what).. ..
  7. whoaaaa~ .. Eunjung on a blue dress and a Pink Bag~!!! soooooo cute >.< Eunjung-ah.. going for a field trip? ahahha XD Looks like Boram just woke up.. her face is swollen nevertheless, she's still looks cute on that ponytails and uhmmm.. Hyomin-ah makes me curious about her henna/tattoo there (._.)? ...Have a safe trip gurls~ ♥
  8. Kyaaaaa!! >.< finally That's T-ara for you.. no more no less wish they stay happy as they were now <3 <3
  9. unnie sooooo pretty~!!!!! in every way... perfect!!!
  10. ohhhh... a comeback enough to make my summer even hotter xD hahah! yey! Davichi's will be featured on it \o/ T-ara Fighting! and Happy 4th Anniversary
  11. OMG! Thank You for this !!! 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 now.. where do i start watching? xD
  12. i was staring at Qri for a whole minute and realized just how beautiful she was... having those big eyes @u@ .. she's like a doll! wish i had eyes like hers (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ I think she'll be a great leader.. it may doesn't show on the outside.. it's just I can feel it from deep within (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ C)
  13. why I can't see my Jiyeonnie? ahhaha~! somehow i remember those outfit Eunjung was wearing... almost similar to Hwayoung when they did that random dance on a variety show.. well anyway, she looks great, bubbly, cute on it edit: after Ahreum leave, I guess I got a little bit paranoid whenever i don't see them all together... idk ゞ゛
  14. LOL!!!! That is sooooo cute! Oh god...ahhha! They're in cyberspace (thought they were pirates?)... I didn't thought the MV's an animation but anyway, i like it... especially when they were chasing that heart :P they're evil faces were just so adorable <3 now i want to draw them... nice anime there :D Edit: So that is a short version, Thank God. I thought that is the whole song. Now Im very fond of this song. Darn.. I only noticed that Eunjung's voice was just perfect for an anime OST.. well i knew she'd be good like in Two as one... maybe she could consider this as a job on the future but for the mean time, be with t-ara for now. Well anyways. Hope this song would be successful! :lol:
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