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  1. Thank you so much for the videos, especially Hyomin Solo. i wish i could be there~
  2. Thanks for the photos! I luv them! ♡♡♡
  3. Can you translate the caption of this photo? I don't understand Chinese. T.T
  4. Woo! Thank you so much for the photos! ♡♡
  5. Woo! I cant really wait!!! They're so pretty. I like the concept. ♡♡
  6. Old Username (Name you login with): launa82 New User Name: minyeonx Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/25130-covers-t-ara-treasure-box-pearl-sapphire-diamond-edition-0716/#entry420951 Donor: No
  7. Sungmin! I love him ♡♡ he's cute and cool when he is rapping
  8. Ah my bias~ *_* Love her style! Cant wait for her solo debut!!! ♡♡
  9. Woo!!! Cant wait to watch the MV!!! Hyomin so cute!!! ♡♡
  10. So pretty!!! Really looking forward to other member teaser. Can't wait for Hyomin's teaser!!!
  11. Wow wow! Thanks for the pics!! Hyomin *0* Ah they're very gorgeous!!! <3 I like the bedroom pics!
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